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The northern most town in the county. This frontier settlement is rich in natural resources and surrounded by dangers, both natural and phenomenal. Protected by the Order of the Hawk and home to several lesser noble families. This town is also a stronghold for the Steadfast faction of the Church of the Great Mother.


With an ethnic breakdown of 3/4 Arres, 1/8 Einjar, and 1/8 Mauri. The majority of whom are freemen, serfs, and bandsmen; approximately 80%. Close to 15% are villeins and yeomen, and the remaining 5% are of the aristocracy. Only 2% can count themselves among the gentry.


A mayor is chosen from among the aristocracy by the town council and appointed to administer the town for a term of 4 years. The council membership is made up of the gentry.


Log palisades surround the main town, with a covered parapet and square towers. The walls are ten feet thick, filled in with rocks and soil. And there is a gatehouse on both sides of town. The villages have wooden palisades of simple stakes with a rampart and parapet, with a simple wooden gate. The Hamlets are unfenced and have little by way of fortifications. The town and surrounding areas are protected by a platoon from the Order of the Hawk, a bachelor knight with five squires leading 52 fighting men. Supplemented by the personal troops of the gentry.


Streets paved with stone run north and south while avenues of wood planks cross east to west in the main town. The connecting bridge is large and stone, wide enough for several carts, wagons, or carriages to cross side by side. It also houses the main market. Well traveled packed dirt roads connect the villages and hamlets. Docks sit on either side of the river bank, attached to the bridge, and leading to warehouses for the merchants goods. Oil lanterns line the streets to light the way upon the main roads at night. Clean drinking water comes from streams, the river, and wells. A sewer tunnel runs under each side of the town taking refuse down river. The village drainage ditches connect to the town sewers. Several mills of various owners serve the community.


The main town is bifurcated by the Uduntre river, running north to south, each side having two main streets crossed by four avenues. On the western side the lands include the village of Bramud Pracarta and its several hamlets such as the lumber camps of Red Spruce, Woodmere, and Woodcrest. As well as the farming communities Westmill and Milford belonging to the village of Hearthold. On the eastern side of the lands there's two more villages, Pelmancelyar and Staunchville, and their hamlets spread across the Lamb Hills such as Woolpack, Ramshead, Bellwether, Ewesmilk, and Muttonyar. As well as the farming community Dawnsmill and lumber camp Pine Creek. Further east is Grenmont, an emerald mining hamlet. To the north is Redmont, a copper mining hamlet.

Guilds and Factions

The most powerful factions operating in this town are the Church of the Great Mother, the merchants, and the landlord. The Steadfast faction of the church operates a hospital as well as two small churches, a mill, and they own most of the sheep being tended. Merchants make their own factions based on resources and trade routes. Mainly lumber, copper, emerald, linen, and wool. The landlord holds two mills and several lumber camps as well as most of the linen production.

Points of interest

Town Hall- large two story wooden structure with several offices and a meeting hall for the council to convene.   Blufal- wool mill in town where most of the wool is made into usable threads. It sits on the eastern river bank, on the south side. The merchant running it houses his workers onsite.    Bambes Trañe- the sartrix guild hall, where all manner of useful and exotic trinkets can be found. A group of 20 sartrix reside within its walls. They keep dafsir and nymphir to protect the grounds. It sits along the western river bank on the northern frontier.   Clased Ubisgra Bridge- the heart of the town, all trade comes through here. Whether by land or river, on the way to warehouses or shops, or on the western or eastern side of town. With boats moored below and shops selling wares above.   Wandering Eel Tavern- A large tavern that mostly serves fishermen, sailors, and dock workers.   Ram Clustu Inn- An inn for the well off, mostly merchants stay here.   Roaring Lamb Tavern- A large tavern that mostly serves the shepherds and farmers.   Sewers- It keeps the streets clean of filth, but rodents aren't the only thing that make them their home.   Manor house- secluded away from most of the other residents of the western village, the local landman and his family keep to themselves and administer from a distance. But when they are away their servants are known to host great parties.   Our Lady of the Light- church in the eastern village, they keep and maintain the cemetery and ossuary, as well as the aristocratic crypts.   Howling Horde- the barracks used by the Order of the Hawks. It is a good place to keep up to date on the local goings on.


Most structures are built of wood, pine and spruce mostly, with wattle and daub siding. Three story town houses line the streets with shops and stores on the ground level, residences on the first floor, and rooms on the second. Where there is room, cottages with a fenced yard can be found.


A plain split by a large river with mountains to the north, forests to the west, and both to the east. The southern expanse takes the river downhill to several other towns and villages.

Natural Resources

Northern softwood such as pine and spruce are plentiful in the forest all around. Wheat, oat, barley, maize, peas, broad and brown beans, cabbage and lettuce, beets, yams, carrots, mulberries and junipers, apples and pears, various melons, and flax are cultivated in the fields. Sheep graze in the hills to the east providing meat, wool, leather, and dairy products. Copper is plentiful in the mountains upriver and emeralds can be obtained from the eastern mountains. And the river itself provides pike, salmon, trout, whitefish, and perch.
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Stream Town
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Order of the Hawk:

  • Bachelor Knight and 5 Squires
  • Platoon of 52 fighting men
  • 3 squads of 8 spearmen
  • 1 squad of 8 horsemen
  • 1 squad of 20 bowmen

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