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A vast area of nearly a million square miles bordered by mountains to the north, west, and south with a sea on the east. The Arresadi River runs through its center, following a meandering path between rolling hills and great forests, it begins in the mountains and ends in an estuary at the Sostaut Sea. Mountains dot the hills in several locations and smaller rivers cross the landscape from mountain to central river creating plains, plateaus, river valleys, and basins.


The major feature of this landscape is the great central Arresadi river flowing eastward toward the Sostaut Sea. Several smaller rivers and streams flow from the mountains surrounding on the north, west, and south through the hills, and into forests before joining the main river. In the eastern quarter you'll find vast plains and grasslands ending at a mix of rocky coasts and sandy beaches, with dozens of smaller rivers and streams cutting through. In the northeast and southwest the coastal plains wrap around the mountains and lead to more lands beyond.


After the mountains, covering many hills, is the multilayered forest. The upper layer is the canopy made of tall mature trees ranging from 100 to 200 feet high. Below the canopy is the three layered, shade tolerant, understory that is 30 to 50 feet shorter than the canopy. The top layer of the understory is the sub-canopy composed of smaller mature trees, saplings, and suppressed juvenile canopy layer trees waiting for an opening in the canopy. Below that is the shrub layer, composed of low growing woody plants. Typically the lowest growing, and most diverse, layer is the ground cover. The ground cover extends beyond the forest into the grassy hills, flat plains, and the occasional marsh as the waterlines near. Rivers and streams run through the whole landscape connecting every corner to every other.

Fauna & Flora

Home to a diverse array of plants and animals. From the forests to the plains, rivers to mountains, and everything between. All manner of beasts abound. In certain areas, best not traveled alone, monsters can be found.   Potatoes, turnips, carrots, radishes, and other root vegetables grow in the more hospitable ridges. The forests are home to beech, oak, broadleaf, and redwoods providing diverse landscapes. Many herbs, both medicinal and for cooking, can be found. Some herbs are even said to have special abilities. Fertile farmland produces melons, maize, beans, peas, wheat, barley, legumes, potatoes, squash, olives, and turnips to go with the numerous fruit found in the wild. Apples, pears, figs, black currant, melons, and several types of berries such as juniper, raspberry, mulberry, bilberry, and strawberry are common. Flax can be found growing wild and on farms, it is used to make linen for all manner of purposes.   There are scores of species on land, hundreds in the sky, and dozens in the rivers and lakes. Fish swimming along the rivers and streams are mostly pike, salmon, trout, and perch. With Bass living seasonally along the coast, feeding on crabs, prawns, and smaller fish. Critters great and small roam the forests, plains, hills, and mountains. Badgers, pine martens, beavers, squirrels, raccoons, porcupines, shrews, boar, sheep, goats, deer, horses, bison, elk, moose, and cows abound. Red foxes, lynx, wolves, and brown bears stalk the region. With bats, owls, bee eaters, pigeons, ravens, crows, hawks, and falcons soaring the skies.

Natural Resources

The mountains that surround the area are rich in gold and silver, granite, marble, limestone, iron, tin, and other precious metals. The western most mountains are home to fruitful diamond mines, with sapphire found further east, and emeralds further still. There are several salt deposits in the eastern mountains. Pearls and coral can be found along the Sostaut coast. Good timber can be found all over, and linens from flax. Sheep provide a steady source of rough wool and goat provide fine wool. Tobacco is found in the whole of the region.

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