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Fra Colludnen

Known by locals as Fra Colludnen, which means great death plant. This major verdure has 6 growths, long green chutes with their intoxicating fragrances leading prey to traverse its tunnel like stems filled with bristles and thorns making it impossible to turn back until they're trapped in its belly. It is sentient by some standards, though is unable to communicate with any but its fellow plants. They say you can hear the screams of its prey for miles.

Physical Description

Body Features

Stretching from the ground are six tubular chutes, connected at the base. The tips flare and curve around, with a purplish green forked tongue-like leaf covering the mouths. It has a large and rambling root system, able to survive fire by regrowing from the root. The inside of the translucent green tubular leaves have slippery walls covered in downward facing hairs that prevent trapped prey from escaping. Its curled hood hides the exit hole from prey and offers multiple false exits. As prey tires from searching the dead ends, they fall into the trap, a bell-shaped cavity filled with digestive enzymes.

Special abilities

This plant is large enough to consume medium sized animals and human children that wander astray. It can feel the vibrations in the surrounding flora and knows when prey is near. With leaves strong enough to prevent escape. Touching its oozing secretions will cause the mind to enter a daze, and inhaling its aroma will only worsen the mental fog, drawing the prey ever nearer. Lured into the gaping mouth, prey is drained of all vita before being digested. Near the end of this process, built up pressure from digestion is released. The resulting shriek instills fear in any who hear it. Causing animals to give it a wide berth as it rests from the effort.
Current Location
Current Residence
Oxbow Grove
5 ft.
35 lbs.


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