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Many low skilled laborers travel far and wide in search of work, food, and shelter. Most are law abiding and down on their luck, some are criminals, others deranged. Either way, they all share the same visual language. Carved or painted, these symbols let them know much about their surroundings.


They rely on the kindness and charity of others. They make sure to take care of each other since it could be them who needs help at any moment. Their carved and painted graffiti tells of their four priorities: food, health, danger, and comfort. They point out places that will provide food in exchange for a sermon, labor, or even just alms for the poor. Fresh water and nearby healers are prized nearly as much as a free healer. Dangers that need to be listed include armed home owners, single male residents, no vagrant zones, judge or courthouse nearby, or simply a leave, danger, or do not go unarmed warning. Sought after signs are for safe campsites and kind lady of the house. Wealthy residents and barking dog near is less desirable.

Public Agenda

Seek work when possible, if not then food and shelter for the night.
Social, Brotherhood
Related Ethnicities


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