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Fortun City

Capital of Fortunado, this walled coastal city rests on the southern bank of the Arresadi. With forest to the south and west, grassy hills to the east, and the river to the north, this city has plenty of natural resources at its disposal. A major trade hub between the west and east, they see many ships and caravans coming through their lands. They are a world leader in commerce.   Home to some of the most powerful nobles and richest merchants, this city is also suspected to house the headquarters of the thieves guild. No one knows who their leader is or what he looks like, but the streets are rife with expressions of his power and will.


80% Arresi, 12% Einjar, and 8% Mauri.


Fortun City is governed by several noble families, known as the Grand Council. The Grand Duke is elected from their ranks as leader of the city and Fortunado itself.


Several battalions of axemen and archers in medium armor, led by mounted knights in heavy armor protect the high stone walls and turrets. Rounded towers spaced along the walls provide for greater vantage points. Fortified gatehouses protect every roadway in and sea walls protect the coast that isn't dock.


The roads are packed dirt in the poorer sections, paved with cobble stones in the wealthier sections, and wooden at the docks. Themselves being grand wooden structures. Sewers lead from the heavier populated regions to the Arresadi, while drainage ditches and buckets service the rest.


The city is divided into several districts. The Chargers Village sits within the inner walls, surrounded by Crown Farthing, two dock wards, and a market. Within the outer walls you can find another market, Greater Duspun Village, Lion's Farthing, Dukes Borough, Grandhill Farthing, the last market, and dock ward. Outside the walls, along the roads, are several smaller villages and hamlets.

Guilds and Factions

Besides the noble families, all of whom maintain a presence in the city, their are many groups demanding loyalty. The Thieves guild has heavy influence on these streets. Their leadership is even said to be of local noble families. The most powerful guilds operating in the public eye are the bankers, jewelers, textiles, sartrix, weapon smiths, and fishermen. The Church of the Great Mother operates Hiunia's Cathedral as well as several smaller churches. Specifically the Watchers have the strongest influence. The cult of Erasteus, god of flocks, the wilds, and patron of thieves is surprisingly popular amongst the locals.

Points of interest

Ban Fellowship Guild Hall- A grand stone-walled building, once an aristocrats manor. It is said to be built atop an iron vault, which contains a repository of artifacts.   Drognads Bridge- A stone bridge spans a small stream. It seems perfectly normal, but neither goat nor any other animal will willingly cross over it.    Sanne's Armor and Shields- A large armorers workshop, decorated with a collection of shields from every province in the valley.    Ricsa's Clocks- Clockmakers workshop, he is haunted by memories of a past life.    Monde's Woodwork- The workshop of a female woodcarver named Monde, known for her weirdly lifelike wooden dolls.    The Asylum- A two-storied half-timbered building, filled with the madmen and lunatics of the town.    The Pavilion of Phonesos- A grand stone-walled theatre, said to be built upon the ground where an Aeonian noble was betrayed and murdered.    Consties Woodwork- A neglected woodcarver's workshop, said to be protected by Flujsa creatures.   Aesclas Pewter- A large pewter-smiths workshop, built within what was once the feast hall of a long ruined castle.   Zealots Corner- Zealots and madmen can often be encountered here, shouting their rambling dogmas at bemused passers-by.   The Shrine of Erasteus- A bronze statue of Erasteus, Lord of Animals, said to reveal visions to those who leave an offering.   The Armory- A buttressed timber and brick building, a station of the town guard. A long dead stone golem stands in front of the building.   The Serpent and Dragon- A large commoners tavern, kept by a retired Sartrix named Rele.   The Guildhall- A large building of timber and brick walls, once a minor temple. It contains a large meeting hall and several smaller rooms, and is shared among several local merchant guilds.   The Broken Axe- A fanciful commoners inn, kept by an ancient Beast named Sacesu.
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