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Descended from the Gigantir, these beings are extremely tough and physically powerful. They are, however, of low intelligence. They possess a very strong healing capability and are extremely hard to kill as a result.

Basic Information


Males reach heights of 6'3" and have stocky frames while females are leaner and taller, standing 9'2".

Ecology and Habitats

Living in forests at the foot of mountains they make their dens in caves and hollowed caverns. With no caves around they'll dig out a den in the roots of large trees.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Omnivorous in nature, their diet is 70% fruit and grain. They prefer meat when ever possible though and actively stay near herds of goats and sheep.

Biological Cycle

They hibernate through the winter and wake to the spring famished. They will spend the season regaining their size. In the summer there's a lull in their feeding and come fall they increase their hunting to put on more weight so they can sleep through the winter.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
85 yrs.
Average Height
males are 6 ft 3 inches. Females are 9 ft 2 inches.
Average Weight
Males weigh 600 lbs. Females weigh 1,200 lbs.
Geographic Distribution
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