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Manifestations of mental energy, formed in the astral plane, Vosculhu. They are drawn to and sustained by similar energies to those which birthed them. The major powers are all aware of them and use them to an extent.   Sprites are generally described as appearing human and having supernatural powers. Various kinds of diminutive sprites have been reported through centuries, ranging from tiny to the size of a human. These smaller sizes could be artificially assumed, rather than constant. Some smaller sprites could expand their figures to imitate humans. In Elado, sprites were described as short in stature, dressed in dark blue, and sometimes seen in armor. In some folklore, sprites have red eyes. Some depictions of sprites show them barefoot, others wearing simple shoes. Wings, while common in artwork, are rare in folklore. Sprites fly by vital means, sometimes perched on daisy stems or the backs of birds, while modern illustrations often include dragonfly or butterfly wings.   The Church of the Great Mother draw in a specific type, appearing to them when in a serene state of calm, they quiet the nervous energy of those around them. Large congregations of praying worshipers have been known to draw their attention. They appear in the form of babies, often depicted with dove's wings on their backs, and are sustained by peace. They call them Donnas.   The Druid Circles refer to them as Faeries and visit with them in the otherworld through dreams. To them they appear as childlike and curious, seeking adventure. They are sustained by joyous energy. They manifest to the dreamer as small hominids, resembling children, with colorful insect like wings. Congregating in areas where the border between planes is weak, they cross over at their own whims.   The Ban Fellowship calls them Numen. In a state of quiet contemplation, the Sartrix traverse the dream and interact with sprites. After learning their true name, or giving them one, they can draw them out into the physical world. They construct a form for them out of cold logic and sustain them through a vita link. They take on the form imagined by the sartrix who calls them forth.   The Colacho call them Drakir and draw them from the mental trauma and anguish of dreaming beings, usually their victims or even themselves. They can smell fear and taste it in the air, and feed on paranoia, anxiety, and other such negative emotions. Used to spread fear and torment across the land, these creatures plague the denizens of both the physical world and Vosculhu, hunting lost souls. They manifest as imagined by the colacho, serpentine hominids with leathery wings.

Basic Information


Mostly mischievous by nature, they make it a habit to play tricks on the unsuspecting. The more difficult the target the better. Using their abilities to trick the senses, common pranks include making the target believe their hair is growing in reverse, giving an unscratchable itch, hearing everything in echoes, and giving fits of unrestrained laughter.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

These beings are small and moderately powerful, as such they get drawn into the conflicts of the greater powers of creation when the situation dictates. From the Donnas aiding the Cirvaeon and their Church to the Drakir in service to the Baalim through the Colacho. The Fellowships Numen and the Druid Circles Faeries all play a role.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Through the vita flows, they can sense mental energy of intelligent life and home in on it. They can feel the difference in true names and differentiate between people in that manner, seeing through illusions and transformations.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
until their vita is exhausted or dispelled
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