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From the western parts of Opreunox, these people are tropical in nature. Smaller in stature than their northern neighbors but larger in population.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ana, Ena, Ona, Una, Matis, Metis, Mutis, Asta, Ysta, Osta, Nephios, Nephep, Nephri, Monios, Monpa, Monthys

Masculine names

Apep, Eros, Hanub, Haten, Asirios, Nebthys, Mauthys, Monher, Khanu, Bastet

Family names

Prefix- A, bas, hut, her, neb, on, mau   Root- Mon, nub, ton, tet, ros, si, pep   Suffix- Thys, ios, ah, kh, th, nu, or, ri   Connective- H, a, e, r   IE- Basemonthys, Hutatetnu, Hersith, Nebrosnu

Other names

Abdo, abli, abo, abwi, aefa, aghar, ahat, ajih, akte, betit, binga, bitho, bizu, blolo, chagi, chala, chempa, chido, dakh, damyet, davan, delfa, dhaku, dhendo, dibah, doshil, ebwifle, emko, enku, enywe, estel, ete, evo, ewange, fabda, fardhu, finju, fungwem, garnin, gefut, ghadi, gheska, gita, hardhira, hathe, hathi, hekabwa, henkor, hifo, honcho, humze, ibdo, idhop, ikagal, ilfil, imche, imtodu, irdhu, jabass, jancho, jathusy, jethi, jitegh, junam, kalu, kamye, matwup, keko, kesu, kilo, kimra, kinywu, kruto, kunyant, lama, lawublu, lekwa, lezwo, limvin, litwa, lofsor, lunchetwa, macha, malina, maremza, mbamwu, mbem, mbol, mbwahi, mchadhu, melafsu, mfaze, mgatty


Major language groups and dialects

They speak the language of their ancestors.

Shared customary codes and values

“In a world of warriors any fool can be a hero. The truly brave heal.”

Common Etiquette rules

Honor their ancestors before bed every night in their Household shrines.

Common Dress code

Pants and tunics, both genders. All made with fine cotton. Men and women have hair in tightly braided locks, men are clean shaven.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Eat with spoon. Mostly soups and stews. Spiced bird and root vegetables for dinner. Goat meat or fish with onions and peppers, carrots, and peas for lunch. Corn meal and eggs for breakfast. Citrus fruit and berries with nuts for snacks.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Age counted by year of birth, celebrated on the autumnal equinox at the harvest festival in a communal feast. the years are counted by Springs starting on the equinox.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Afterlife is neutral and spirits are spread across the realm in service to stronger older spirits. Human sacrifice is performed to give more servants to their ancestors. Use captive enemies and slaves. still beating heart cut from their chest and consumed, the blood sprinkled over food being blessed for a feast.

Common Taboos

Returning home for a forgotten item after setting out on a journey is bad luck.
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