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Their caravans come along once a generation on their circuit of the world, stay from one full moon to the next, and move on. Society views them as thieves and scoundrels, whores and fortune tellers, steeped in ancient lore and dark magic. Where they go the dark gods follow: shape shifters, blood drinkers, and corpse defilers. Death and misfortune ooze from their footsteps like an unholy miasma.   In reality they come offering music and dance in exchange for coin and food. They are a friendly people, willing to share what little they have, but stay camped outside of villages and towns. Many troubadours and jongleurs come from their ranks. For safety reasons they are well versed in Homeless and thief symbology, current events, and healing or poisonous herbs. Some say they are the reason for a uniform symbology amongst the other societal outsiders.

Public Agenda

Spread joy and laughter throughout the world and share the stories of their ancestors.


Traveling in 4 wheeled tent covered wagons, generally pulled by 3 mules or 2 horses, everything they possess is kept inside. Those with the means have wooden roofs on their wagons.
Social, Group
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
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