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Mortals cursed by the first witch, the goddess of the occult, who had their Vita stripped from them.  Commonly called blood drinkers, corpse defilers, and the old Gods, these shapeshifters are paralyzed by sunlight and burned by silver; to kill them you must destroy their brains and heart. Known shapes that they take are of a bat, wolf, and rat.   All living Arasir are ruled by a King. He is the direct sire to the majority of existing Arasir and tightly controls who is allowed to sire more. No fledgling twice removed from him is allowed to sire any new arasir at all, and his direct fledglings need permission to do so.

Basic Information


Typical man at first sight, these beings can transform into giant wolves, bats, and rats. Their bones dislocate, break and mend, their muscles tear, and tendons stretch to facilitate this painful transformation.

Genetics and Reproduction

They create more of their kind by draining a body of nearly all its Vita, mixing it with their own, and allowing it to flow back into the person. This works about half the time. The newly created fledgling has a connection to their sire and cannot bring themselves to disobey or do harm to their sire. A lesser link exists between the fledgling and their sires sire, which prevents them from doing harm.

Ecology and Habitats

Nocturnal ground dwellers, they stay close to human settlements for a steady food supply. Graveyards, sewers, and catacombs are common areas to find them. Freshly turned soil on an old grave is a good marker of their residence.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Their abilities allow them to feed on mortals Vita and sustain their own existence.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They are immortal, super strong, fast, and agile. Their saliva is a narcotic and they have hypnotic vision. Their senses are heightened to beast like levels. They can use sound to navigate in the dark, they can see extremely well at dusk and dawn, if not as well during the day, and can look in two different directions at once. And their sense of smell can be used to track prey across long distances.
Cursed Arresi and Einjar
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