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Oath Keepers

Those who believe it is their duty to castigate the sinful end up in the oath keeper's order. They go out into the world and find wrong doers dangerous to the soul of the people and general wellbeing. This also includes any who would stitch patches not ordained by the gods.   The Oath Keepers are the elite fighting force of their day. Highly trained and well-equipped; one of the tenets of their religious order is that they are forbidden from retreat in battle, unless outnumbered five to one, and only by order of one of their commanders. When a candidate is sworn into the order, they make the knight an initiate. Wearing white robes, the knights can hold no property and keep no secrets from the order. They cannot marry or have any vow in any other Order. They cannot have more debt than they can pay or have illnesses. They conduct religious services and lead prayers. Assigned two horses each, they are garbed in hauberk or plate. The warriors are well-trained and very well armed. Even their horses are trained to fight fully armored in combat. They believe martyrdom in battle is the most glorious way to die. A key tactic of the Oath Keepers is that of the "squadron charge". A squad of armati and their heavily armed warhorses would gather into a tight unit and gallop full speed at the enemy lines with a determination and force of will that makes it clear that they would rather die than fall back. This onslaught frequently has the effect of breaking a hole in the enemy lines, giving their other forces the advantage.


The clergy within this order have different titles than the rest of the church. Their leader is the Mistress, whose existence is rumor within the church and unknown to outsiders. Followed by the Adherents publicly leading the order as a triumvirate, they are matrons and priests. Then the Oracles leading battalions are maidens and under priests. And lastly the Preachers leading banners are senior sisters and brothers. Making for a total of ten cleric knights.   The four Banners are made up of three smaller formations, each with a single unit type. Three troops of armati led by Provosts, three cohorts of lancers led by Lieutenants, and three flights of pavisers led by Millenars comprise these forces.


Headquartered in Faraus Ofim Catior, they own it and everything within. Though in its current state no one will go there. Held within its walls is an actual relic of the gods. They have three castles under their direct control. This order commands two full battalions, protecting each of their bases is a force equally composed of pikes, horse, and bows. The knights wear medium armor consisting of a barbute helm, hooded hauberk, pauldrons and vambrace, leather gloves, hose and chausses, with leather boots, and greaves with poleyns. Common shields are center strapped, medium sized, round, steel plated wood. They ride gelding rounceys and chargers. Each base has an orchard, from which they produce cider, perry, and brandy, that is home to a number of Bellas. The grounds are protected by Fiends and patrolled by a clergy controlled angietto. They also maintain a large cemetery and ossuary, normally protected by Alfsir vessel guards. The common soldiers wear light armor consisting of heavy gambeson, hose and chausses, leather gloves and boots with greaves, and spangenhelm with aventail.

Granted Divine Powers

Through the power of faithful Prayer many works can be done. They pray to the divine for aid in their fight against the darkness, and if their faith is strong, they get an answer. Among the proof of the divine is the use of conjured Relics, the granting of miraculous healing, and the appearance of divine servants.   Their commonly used prayers include "right eye of the king," "helm of flooding rains," "veil of death," and calling forth angietto from the hall of the dokkalf. They are also the only ones who make alfsir vessels.   This order also makes servants of hawk or hound form fiends, and trees planted in their groves grow to Bellas once their halo is discovered.

Wisdom is knowing the path; integrity is walking it.

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