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Faraus Ofim Catior

The "temple above the final battle site," a lone complex atop a hill near the tree line. This cathedral with attached monastery at the edge of a cliff, the southern most part of the region, was once home to grandeur and wealth. This was the headquarters for the Oath Keepers faction of the Church of the Great Mother. And is at the farthest reaches of the churches influence. Many wars have been fought over this land, and battles fought at that very spot. But now a shadow spreads across the land, oozing from its crevices.

Purpose / Function

Built on the location of the final battle between the Gods of order and the agents of chaos. It marks the spot where Amalius pulled Hiunia out from the depths of the underworld. That place being the hole left behind when the sky first descended to earth and plunged through the world into the underworld. It is also where Lightning climbed its way out of the underworld.


A Plonen has recently taken up residence in the cloisters and Flujsa are believed to reside in the dark corners. The Oak in the cloisters has recently evolved into a Verdure


Built of sand colored stone with burgundy tiles for a roof, this mostly two story structure stands 50 feet tall. The entry is on the western wall at the north end. A wide seven stepped stair narrows at the upper landing to three enormous doors. The center door stands 30 feet and is flanked by two 20 foot doors. All made of strong wood, rimmed in iron, and can be barred on the inside. Once through the doors you walk a long hall eastward with balconies on either side, supported by columns spaced equidistant making smaller walkways on the edge. The walls on the ground floor are lined with painted murals while the balcony is lined with stained glass windows, all depicting those who took part in the final battle and important moments in that battle. At the end of this hall is a square of tiled floor, clear of any furniture, with transepts extending north and south housing statues of the gods, it rises to a three story tower with a domed roof and a window facing east and one west. Passed the square is a choir, several rows of benches leading to an archway. Beyond the archway is the high altar, first floor of a three story bell tower.   At the beginning and end of the hall are doors leading to a cloistered garden on the south end of the main building. One story buildings line the cloisters east and west sides including a library, chapter house, reliquary, and sleeping cells. The south cloister was lined with buildings such as a kitchen, dining room, warming room, observatory, and garderobes hanging over the cliff.   The central garden is home to medicinal, sacred, and cooking herbs, as well as various flowers. Several fruit bearing trees are scattered about and a single great oak stands at the center.   Catacombs beneath the temple house the sacred dead and can be reached via a stair in the west range. These tunnels are the final resting place to hundreds of those who've died in service of the church or lived generally pious lives. With the occasional wealthy benefactor included in the bunch.


This structure is on an elevation and has heavy walls that can stand up to bombardment, portcullis at the doors, no windows on the ground floor, crenelated parapets along the outer wall and clear line of sight from the towers. And sigils inscribed in the floor tiles repel their enemies.


Pilgrims came from across the Arresi lands, and many Einjar made the trip, to see this holy site and the relics contained within. The Beast form Cloak and Natures Staff were housed within and protected by the Oath Keepers faction of the Church. It is a once in a life time experience for most members of the congregation. Since its fall none have been allowed to enter, the Oath Keepers keep all visitors out for fear of the world learning that they have failed to protect it.
Recently fell vacant and into disrepair.
Owning Organization
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