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The first beings in existence, they hold the power of creation in their hands. Entirely ethereal in nature, they can only interact with the physical world by constructing a form for themselves or taking one as a host. They are neither good nor evil natured, but can be either.  
Before the beginning, before time, there was darkness. And from the darkness time began, and when time began, so then came the light. This was the beginning, light and dark both being infinite and finite. Between the two was the void of Vosculhu, and in the void both light and dark mixed together and formed the ether. Two brothers formed within the ether, twins named Prexet and Hec, and a cow also formed. Between the three, all the materials of life existed.   As time passed, angim were born from the ether. The first of these was the sky father, Tet Paed. Other angim were born, both good and evil, as the eons passed. They grew and bred more angim, both evil and good. They, along with Prexet, Hec, and the cow drifted through the cosmos.   There came a time when things needed order and certainty, when good saw that evil was growing and knew something must be done. It was at this time that Prexet decided he needed a home, a world on which to inhabit. To create a place of order from the chaos in the cosmos. But to create this world a sacrifice had to be made.   It was then that Prexet sacrificed his twin Hec, offering the body to Tet Paed, father of all angim, and the father was pleased. Prexet cut Hec's body into pieces, and from them he created the world, the sun and moon, the seas, and the stars. He created fire and the winds. Finally Prexet created the classes of people, worshipers, warriors, and workers. Prexet then sacrificed the cow creating plants and vegetables, and different types of animals including varying cows, horses, sheep, and pigs.   With this Prexet was able to come down onto the world of Elysud, and there he became the first worshiper, the priest. And he taught the people that through ritual sacrifice the world could be kept in order.
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