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Magnum Materia

Stone used to store and manipulate energy to create great works in manipulating the pattern of the weave. It can store power indefinitely but is lessened with every use. There are variations to the stone, based on the type of energy saved and the byproducts of their use.  
  • Gypsum, the white stone, draws in heat leaving cold in its wake. It generates sound as a byproduct of use, like a chorus of a hundred birds chirping happily at dawn. It can contain massive amounts of energy and thus be used for the greatest works.
  • Knewstone, the black stone, draws in kinetic energy and can arrest all motion in an area. As a byproduct of use it generates massive amounts of heat, burning the surrounding area. 
  • Sanguinite, the red stone, draws in life energy. It drains vita from the area and leaves necrosis in its wake. Generating a sulphureous smell and metallic taste as byproduct of use.


Material Characteristics

Regardless of which variety is possessed, they all have a similar look and feel to them. With an iridescent glow the stone illuminates its immediate vicinity when inactive and charged with energy. The glow lessens as the charge wanes. When being used the glow thrums in time with the restitching of the celestial weave. The greater the manipulation the faster and more complex the pattern.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Inactivity makes it cool to the touch, with a powdery sensation on the fingers. When activated, it warms and tingles to touch. The Knewstone variety heats up more with continued use and can burn the holder. Sanguinite will draw the life right out of anyone touching it during use, leaving them feeling colder. Gypsum numbs the user, leaving them unable to feel the world for a time.

History & Usage


Sanguinite was the first version of this stone known to man. Its secrets were discovered through study of the Gabyun. Study of the source driving the reader insane aside, this stone posed a great threat to any user. As use slowly drains the life and humanity away.   The first pieces of Gypsum were brought to the physical plane by the Angim. They gave it to the newly formed church of the great mother as a gift for services provided by Gillespie in Elysud. Though which services exactly has never been expanded upon. Six blocks, ranging in size, were brought and given to the church, which they've used in various ways over the decades. From keystone to a cathedral, to worked into an altar or statue. Many uses have been found.   In more recent years, an offshoot of the church absconded with one of the pieces, using it to found their own organization. Thus, the Ban fellowship was born. Through continued study of their Gypsum an equal and opposite force was discovered. This was used to create the first Knewstone.

Cultural Significance and Usage

These stones are at the center of all three of the main religions in the Arresi world. The Church, Fellowship, and Colacho all focus their efforts on controling this power. Pilgrims travel far and wide to see the miracles worked by their use and center festivals and rituals around charging them.    The holyiest day of the year to the church is the summer solstice. On this longest day, the Gypsum are brought out into the open air from sunrise to sunset, that it may renew the vitality within. The fellowship recharges their Gypsum in secret. On the equinoxes, when the day and night are perfectly balanced, they perform a dance ritual to refresh their Knewstone. The heat generated from knewstone use throughout the year maintain their single gypsum energy levels. This allows them to keep it sequestered away from prying eyes. The colacho recharge their sanguinite on several significant nights, when the borders between the physical world and the astral world are weakest and on the winter solstice, when the nights strength is at its peak.
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