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Prominence Shepherd Freeman Figaner Marece of Fortun City   Shepherd of the most powerful Thieves Guild in the land, he rules over the underworld of Fortun City. His position secured by years of peace between rival families that would rather keep him in charge than fight each other over the seat. He is highly respected by his peers in the guild, and by the membership of his public personas guild, the carpenters. Another strong and influential guild. He owns estates in the surrounding countryside as well as buildings in the city proper, making him a member of the gentry.

Mental characteristics


Learned academics Monday through Friday mornings and religious studies on Sundays after mass until the age of 14. Here he learned the basics of language and etiquette. After which point he chose a career path. He joined the carpentry guild where he learned and mastered the trade, all the while being a member of the thief guild. As his father was before him.


He started at 5 years old as an affiliated non member, a ewe, in the streets of Fortun City as a cut purse and pick pocket, and occasional messenger. Paying his cut to the local flock. He soon moved up to lock picking as part of a crew, and became an associated non member by the time he was 15. In order to become a ram he swore a blood oath over a Relic in front of the Crook and Hound, with the Bellwether who endorsed him.    When he was 21 years old he became a bellwether, and another oath was sworn. Now a full member, none could harm him without the permission of the shepherd. And he was finally allowed to grow a beard and mustache. Reporting to the Hound, he lead his own crew with some sense of autonomy, so long as he paid his dues and brought no trouble to the guild.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Became a Bellwether at a young age and quickly rose to Hound, and finally Shepherd. All before his 30th year.   Defeated the great killer, Inaredo, in single combat.   Orchestrated the downfall of multiple enemy shepherds and would be contenders for his flock.

Failures & Embarrassments

Lost the love of his life due to his involvement in so many schemes.    Was badly beaten and scarred, left for dead, when he refused an offer from a rival shepherd.

Personality Characteristics


A desire for freedom drives him to constantly strive for more power. And it helps that those who had the power he sought had wronged him in various ways. The Grand Hill Farthing Shepherd killed a friend of his when he was young, just a cut purse running the streets. His friend was the Shepherds nephew and it was a family squabble. The Dukes Borough Shepherd sent his father on a mission that could not be completed, then killed him for failure.


Starts off small time in the Grand Hill Farthing with friends Guillare, Cerred, and Vinence. His mentor helps them become minor players, and get noticed by the major players. Two Shepherds approach them to join, Grand Hill Farthing Shepherd wants him to join to further his own gains. The Dukes Borough Shepherd wants him to join so he can have someone near the other Shepherd, in case of war.   They refuse both and move operations to Lions Farthing, where no one person has total control. Inaredo, a freelance killer, is sent after him, but fails to kill him. In Lions Farthing they start to become a major power and can no longer avoid the two Shepherds. He tells the Dukes Borough Shepherd he will join him, but outwardly appear to join the other, being a spy. Getting close enough to kill him if need be. While telling the Grand Hill Farthing Shepherd he will join, and has a vendetta against the other, and wants him dead. Both reasons being at least partially true.   At this point he is made a Hound and is in charge of Lions Farthing for the Grand Hill Farthing Shepherd. The Greater Duspun Village Shepherd has also sided with Grand Hill Farthing at this point. Now being the number two man, the Crook, in the organization he begins to branch out. Trying to consolidate power. His mentor warns him against it, and it results in suspicion from his Shepherd. Grand Hill Farthing, thinking this is the mentors idea, orders him killed. Greater Duspun Village turns to him and says, "Grand Hill Farthing is losing it, Dukes Borough is going to win. We have to switch sides while we still can." He sets up a meeting between them in the outer city Dock Wards, where he refuses the terms and is tortured, and left on the side of the road.   After healing enough, he orders the death of the Greater Duspun Village Shepherd. His friend Guillare does it himself, it's personal. They were friends a long time. This starts an all out war between Dukes Borough and Grand Hill Farthing. They blame each other and the Greater Duspun Village territory is at stake.   Marece goes back to Grand Hill Farthing in the midst of the war. The Shepherd demands a show of loyalty, and so, he promises to kill Dukes Borough. As they leave the meeting they're attacked, Grand Hill Farthings top enforcer is killed, & Marece saves the Shepherds life. As the killer flees he himself is killed by Guillare, as retribution for the set up in the Dock Ward. This all convinces Grand Hill Farthing of Mareces loyalty. Marece meets with Dukes Borough and asks him to end the war so Grand Hill Farthing will let down his guard. So he does. Mareces crew kills Grand Hill Farthing at a celebratory dinner between the two.   Upon Dukes Borough's victory he takes over the whole city as Shepherd and appoints Hounds to the districts. Lions Farthing and Greater Duspun Village stay with Marece. Dukes Borough then hires Inaredo to kill Marece. Inaredo sneaks into Mareces home to kill him in his sleep, but gets his girl instead. They let everyone believe he's dead. Meanwhile Mareces crew sets a trap for Inaredo with outside guys, but Inaredo kills them all.   Mareces crew goes to Dukes Borough's home and breaks in, kills his enforcer and have him cornered. Inaredo appears and stops them, asks for an enormous sum to kill them all and save him. When he is about to do it, Marece appears and stabs him in the back. The crew turn on Dukes Borough, and before they kill him he asks, "why?" Marece tells him it's for his father, and they kill him.   Marece calls a meeting of all Hounds, says there will be no new Shepherd. The cycle of violence must end. They are all equals and will vote on everything, like the merchants council. The council, as its first act, votes Marece as head of the council.
Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1202 7A 50 Years old
Medium length wavy brown hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair skinned
170 lbs
Erasteus; god of shepherds and flocks
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

General Physical Condition

  • Very fit with an athletic build. He is in impeccable shape for his age.
  • His agility, dexterity, and coordination are such that he is known as the thief king.

Identifying Characteristics

  • Scars: Across his belly, where they tried to gut him, is his largest scar. But his most visible is on his face, from eye to ear to chin. 
  • Tattoos: Denoting his positions within the flock over the years, he has several. Behind both his ears, and the back of both hands for the various ranks as he rose to power. The tip of his right middle finger denotes his time as a messenger, and the ring finger as a cut purse and lock pick. On his forearms he bares the mark of loyalty and service. And on his chest the crook of the shepherd.

Special Abilities

  • By virtue of having opened his first Vita Point he has increased speed, agility, stamina, and dexterity.
  • Due to his multiple near death experiences he's gained a certain level of spiritual awareness.

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