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Leader of the Thieves Guild within a city.


One must be of full Arres descent and have started off in the flock as an ewe, worked their way up to ram, bellwether, and finally hound. At that point they would have to prove themselves capable and be elected by the council.


  • Be of full Arres descent.
  • Never have killed a previous Shepherd.
  • Hold the rank of Hound at time of appointment.


At a ceremony held before the gathered Hounds and all their flocks, the prospective Shepherd steps forward and kneels before a statue of their patron god Erasteus. A priest reads scripture about tending the flock and protecting them from dangers, both external and internal. The chosen crook places a ritual staff in his hands and he stands after receiving this blessing. He then receives his tattoo, denoting leadership, as the flock watches.


He is expected to take care of the morale of his men, give to charity and the church, and maintain good relations with neighboring powers.


Gain wealth, power, and influence in the region for the flock. Protect the commoners from the nobility, gentry, aristocracy, and wealthy merchants. Expand their sphere of influence. Protect their members from the law and enforce the rules of the guild.


The position comes with control of the guilds assets, physical and monetary. Great political influence comes with leadership.
Form of Address
His Prominence
Equates to
Equivalent to the aristocracy in Arres peerage. They are normally perceived to be a wealthy merchant.
Source of Authority
faction leaders from within the organization elect their leader
Length of Term
Current Holders
Related Organizations

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