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One of the larger towns of Studpreox, this is a major trading port for the Prengrunan March. It is a major stronghold for the Ban Fellowship.


With an ethnic breakdown of 1/2 Arres, 1/4 Einjar, 1/8 Murasan, and 1/8 Mauri. The majority of whom are of the lower class, approximately 80%. Close to 15% are middle class, and the few remaining are of the higher classes.


Town council of merchants and guild leaders elect the Count and Sheriff from among the aristocratic gentry. The Council serves as a legislative group while the Count is the executive, the Sheriff leads a Battalion sized mixed force of footmen, bowmen, and horsemen.


Two crenelated curtain walls surround the town, both lined with turrets and square towers, the outer villages have palisade walls of sharpened logs. The walls have gatehouses with metal portcullis's, arrow slits, and barbicans to guard the entry.


A paved stone road cuts through the city, with several major roads branching off, while well traveled packed dirt roads fill the rest of the town. Docks line the far off coastal villages, with packed dirt roads leading to their ports. Privately owned stables sit in the inner bailey, ready to house weary travelers who can afford to pay. Less expensive stables sit in the outer bailey and outside the walls. Lanterns light the the main road along intersections at night. Wells and collected rainfall provide clean drinking water. Between the university, the church, and the fellowship, the citizens have plenty of opportunity for higher education. And the church operates several hospitals within the city walls.


The inner bailey is home to the aristocratic gentry. Mostly residential estates with banks, taverns and inns, guild headquarters, and wineries. The university also lies within this bailey. The outer bailey is home to the merchants guild, markets, music and gambling, warehouses, horse traders, several hospitals, and some residential complexes. Outside the walls are markets, inns, breweries and taverns, with multiple villages and boroughs of residential housing. The Sostaut coast is home to dock workers and fishermen, merchants, and gambling halls, stables, and several less than savory taverns. The river bank is home to fishing villages and markets as well as warehouses and stables.

Guilds and Factions

The most powerful guilds are the Fellowship, merchants, bankers, dock workers, fishermen, and horse traders. The church operates several hospitals within the walls that also holds political sway.
Large town
Approximately 31,000
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