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Cuor Trañe (kwoɾ ˈtɾaɲe)

This three story structure stands on the edge of the main plaza in the noble quarter. On the pricier end for the local taverns, you know a safe and comfortable nights rest is at hand. Owned and operated by the Ban Fellowship, the official wizards guild, this is the place to be between adventures and intrigues. The ground floor offers food and drink, card games and dice, a dart board, and a harpist with singer. At the front door the bulletin board showcases local news, pleas for help, and business opportunities. The first floor has rooms for rent, from single occupancy up to four to a room. The second floor has suites as well as single occupancy rooms, a separate dining hall with stage for performers, and several sitting rooms. The cellar has stores of wine, ale, and beer as well as grain for baking, tea leaves, and other assorted dry stores. The staff have their rooms here as well. And the stable out back has room for 8 horses.

Sensory & Appearance

Going in through the front door on a busy night you'll be greeted by the warm aroma of baking bread, meat pies, and beer. Scented oil lamps give a floral hint to the air. Well lit with wax candles and free of shadowy corners, patrons enjoy a sense of security unmatched in other establishments. Aided by emotional wards that drive away negative feelings and hot blood, soft blue light emanates from their sigils on the ceiling tiles.


Diverse groups of people frequent this establishment, so long as they have the coin and an amenable demeanor. Most of them are the native Arres people, but a few Einjar can be seen in service to wealthy merchants and nobles. Murasan serve as waiters, porters, and grooms. Dafsir guards roam the grounds and a Nymphir protects the cellar.


When the Church of the Great Mother took possession of the building they added the stained glass windows, gargoyle gutters, and the tiled roof. When the Ban Fellowship took ownership they dug out grated access tunnels to the newly built sewers, added a third floor, and whitewashed the whole thing. Over the years, as they learned the lost art, they added a teleportation gate into the cellar.


The whole thing white washed, to give a look of uniformity. Roofed with bright blue tiles, this building fits right in with the palaces of the local lords and wealthier merchants. The cellar, ground, and first floors are made of tough gray stone. The second floor is made of sturdy oak. Around back is a single story stone stable connected by crenelated stone ramparts making an enclosed courtyard, with packed dirt floors between them. The stable also has blue tile roofing. The double doors at the front, 10 feet of iron bound wood, are recessed into an archway that match the side door leading to the courtyard and the many windows of stained glass. Eagle shaped gargoyles hang off the side of the building as a functioning gutter system.


The thick walls can withstand ballista attacks, and are warded against the elements. The front and side doors are easily barred with an iron portcullis, and the parapets are guarded by sleeping golems. The Murasan staff are also all trained in armed combat.
Leading the defenses is Sir Leo Nardo of Meowington, a Dafsir. A tall feline with large build, white fur with gray patches (like a cow), and greenish yellow eyes. He looks ferocious in his blue trimmed silver armor the Purrfect Linothorax, but he’s really a cowardly mommas boy. The other dafsir stalk about looking like regular house cats, until the call to arms transforms them to their fighting form.


First built as a barracks for the defending Army during the first wave of the Bra Krig invasions. Its stone walls stood up to many attacks, but the wooden roof was burned during the second invasion. After the enemy was driven out, the ruined husk was claimed by the Church of the Great Mother and converted to a chapel and rectory. For 20 years the church made this building the religious center of the city. Until the Count took it in an effort to bring peace between the church and the burgeoning Ban Fellowship. For 72 years it has stood as their main guild hall in the region and symbol of the peace between the two competing organizations. Tenuous as that peace may be.


Ideally situated in the wealthier part of the city, the clientele here are generally traveling merchants, nobles, and high ranking members of the fellowship. They rent benches in the common room to laborers and servants, single occupancy rooms for the merchants, and suites for the nobles and fellows.


  Owned by High Eminence the Grand Sartrix and Cardinal of Prengrunan, Aeonia Bianca Amalia, Magus of the Ban Fellowship. She is of mixed Arres and Aeonian descent with the ability to see auras and emotional intent.
Owns tavern like her mother before her, and her mother before that. Her mother has retired to a country home with a retired guardsman, veteran of the wars. She does the cooking for evening meals and makes a variety of teas from dried leaves delivered from her mothers estates.
Donning traditional garb for someone of her rank, she can be seen in a white robe with fire patterned up the body and sleeves, flowing in red, orange, and yellow. With a green shoulder cape, blue cap, and violet stole. Wearing her magical accouterment she has a tiara, choker, necklace, ring, bracelet, and belt. All of which facilitate her stitching of weaves.
Founding Date
Spring, the 1148th year of the 7th Age
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Related Professions
Owning Organization
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All day: Oat or wheat porridge served in a trencher
  • Add ham/ bacon to make pottage
  • Add raisins, almonds, and/ or honey
  • Pies:
  • Ham
  • Mutton
  • Chicken
  • Spinach
  • Mixed
  • Dinner: Loaf of bread, cheese, peas, and carrots with-
  • Roast ham
  • Tripe or herring
  • Roast goose
  • Dessert:
  • Seasonal fruit with honey glaze
  • Fig and plum cakes
  • Egg custard
  • Honeyed roll
  • Drinks:
  • Green or White tea
  • Black tea
  • Red tea
  • Red wine
  • Pale Ale
  • Amber Ale

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