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Ban Fellowship

Umbrella organization that governs the teaching and proliferation of stitching patches with the Ardent Path. Members begin their training at a young age, but usually after attaining their master's degrees and learning to unlock their Ojo through meditation and silent contemplation. This allows them to focus on learning to thread Vita for stitching into patches.   Institutionalized way of training people to open their vita points without any afterlife allegiances or obligations. Teaching people to use their brands to influence the world.


  • Magus: Sits on the Senior or Star Councils.
  • Grand Master: Level needed to found or lead a guild. Sits on the general council.
  • Master: Guild member and advanced students. Allowed to be present for general council meetings, but not allowed a say.
  • Fellow: Guild member and intermediate level students.


Fellows wear the typical robe of their rank signifying the fires of enlightenment. The Master has a green shoulder cape, representing a tree of knowledge having grown from the flames. The Grand Master adds a blue cap to represent the shining moon holding back the darkness. The Magus wears a violet stole to represent the line they form between man and the darkness. All wear a pin on their capes to signify which guildhall they belong to.

Public Agenda

Protect the world from the shadow of evil that lingers on the land.


The island of Ban Isle and all upon it. From Vita specific items to mundane. Approxiamtely 150 guild halls spread across the lands, from Oxdinspic to Elado, and all their contents. Many herds of horses and cattle, flocks of sheep and goats, and stables of fantastical creatures. They have scores of gardens filled with nymphir.


After Crunstruad, when the Church of the Great Mother declared all those who thread vita by any means other than the church as pagans and heretics. They began rooting out all those pagan heretics to cleanse their taint from the world. Ten years into the purge the great mortality struck, ravaging the Arres people from Oxdinspic to Elado, killing more than half the population. The wicked stitchers, and the communities who hid them, were blamed. After three years of ever-increasing death, a conference was held. A faction of the church came together to protest the leadership and their handling of the crises. Within five years, they themselves were ostracized and Oyusu Obis was declared. That faction was excommunicated and being hunted. During this time, they met a traveler from the other world who brought with him a later journal of Gillespie. With this book, and the aid of the Alfsir who brought it, they gained an advantage over the church and were able to claim Ban Isle for themselves. Thus was born the Ban Fellowship.


There are 150 guilds across the lands, in several countries. With the strongest presence in the provinces of Adinerado and Fortunado. Their guild halls can be found from Oxdinspic to Elado.


Their forces are a standing Army of footmen,bowmen, horse. All led by the Fellowship of Matteus, the strongest combat Sartrix in the land.

Technological Level

Sartrix produce a number of products to support themselves and their guilds. Chief among them are Patches of all kinds. Not far behind are Golems. Manufactured for personal use within the guild are the Curio, artificial ojo that hold threads of Vita in place for long term focused use or rapid and continual use. All items are crafted upon an altar.   Mend: Any patch contained in velum. Releasing the patch destroys the item itself.   Acus: Any patch contained in a charm, usually meant to affect the carrier.
  • Tether to bind.
  • Bulwark to defend.
  • Ward to repel.
Elixir: Any patch contained in liquid; they are meant for personal affects to the consumer.
  • Potion to affect the body.
  • Brew to affect the mind.
  • Tincture to affect the soul.
Golems are constructs animated by a patch that can do menial tasks. Commonly used as guards. To destroy it one need only remove its activation rune.

Trade & Transport

Trade is shipped along the River in ships that follow the Vita currents and reach tremendous speeds. They can also use way points to travel instantly to a location within the network the traveler has been to before, provided they have the necessary ritual ingredients.


Beginner training is overseen by the Fellowship of Gillespie. It focuses on unlocking ones Ojo and learning their own brand, once done they can begin threading Vita into known patches using Templates.   Upon graduating to the Fellow rank, and thus gaining membership in the greater Ban Fellowship, students generally join a guildhall to continue their education. Those showing great potential stay in Banupte as teaching assistants under an archon, their salary pays for most of their lessons.

Mythology & Lore

Gillespie was a man like any other. He set off on his quest to traverse the unknown and was never seen again. But twice now, beings have come from beyond with stories of his adventures. He's traveled the cosmos gaining allies, learning combat and medicine, and gaining powerful relics. He's dealt with mystical plagues and poisons, defeated terrible monsters, and freed enslaved peoples. His renown has spread amongst the gods themselves.

Cosmological Views

The constellations according to the brotherhood are the goat, water bearer, fish, ram, bull, twins, crab, lion, virgin, scales, scorpion, and archer.
Founding Date
Guild, Mages
Predecessor Organization
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
All proposals must originate from the General Council of all Grand Masters, including the 150 guild leaders, but final say lies with the Senior Council of 7 most powerful and knowledgeable members, the Magus. The general council gathers once a year to debate proposed changes to their laws. They need a majority vote to pass legislation onto the Senior Council.
Judicial Body
Star Council of 5 impartial and fair members adjudicate any transgressions against the fellowship, or within. They are also Magus.
Executive Body
The Fellowship of Matteus enforces the rulings of the Senior and Star Councils. They answer directly to these councils.
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