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An artificial Ojo. This item is used to mimic the bodies own ojo and substitute for their use. When using a curio the importance of the emotional or mental state of the stitcher is greatly lessened. Up to seven can be carried to replace the ojo of the holder.

Manufacturing process

Once the item is fashioned it must then be blessed upon an altar. The weave of vita flowing freely placed within its crystalline structure.
Item type
Power Storage / Generator
Subtype / Model
Related Technologies
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Raw materials & Components
Either gold or silver can be used to manufacture a curios base structure. Usually fashioned into a form of jewelry. The focus of it is some type of gem. The type depends on which ojo is being reproduced. Obsidian for Body, tigers eye for Mind, topaz for Earth, green agate for Water, turquoise for Fire, sapphire for Air, and lastly amethyst for Soul. The fewer imperfections in the gemstone the greater vita flow possible.

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