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A construct is a man-made puppet moved by Vita anchored in place by two Vita Points. The root and sacral point keep it animated and able to perform menial tasks. To wake it, one need only empower the vita points and give it orders. To depower it one needs to dispel the vita being held.  


A number of different organizations use constructs. The most important being the Church of the Great Mother, the Ban Fellowship, the Druid Circles, and the Colacho. Each of whom have a distinct version for their own uses.
  • The Church creates an Alfsir Vessel. It is animated, not by the creator's vita, but by a soul of the honored dead called back to this world in service to the gods. Very few exist, and only in the holiest of places. They take on the form of a winged Human.
  • The Fellowship builds a Golem. A shape is formed using clay, stone, iron, gem, or any number of other natural material. The patterns of forma carved into its body. The Sartrix uses their own vita to animate the form.
  • The Circles grow a Sentinel. Either plant or animal, they are raised to maturity. Then the patterns are placed upon their Spirit from in the astral plane, causing a physical transformation.
  • The Colacho form Saligia. Long deceased beings, corrupted by the Baalims influence, brought back to the land of the living to serve their mortal masters. They are stitched together from cadavers and animated by the vita and negative energy they consume.


Different personal choices from the builder can lead to added variety and abilities in the build. With the proper additions the construct can have elemental abilities, transformative properties, telekinetic power, and a number of other advancements.

Manufacturing process

Create and empower a vita circle, to protect from stray vita, then gather the needed energy within either the builder or a focus. Create the forma of the needed vita points and infuse the patterns onto the constructs form, creating the vessels that will hold and direct the vita. Followed by the patterns of intent for its use. Once the patterns take hold, fill the new points with vita to activate.    While the basic construct only requires two vita points to function, all seven can be built into the design. To gain further functionality from any of those points the corresponding gem must be socketed and empowered. This can be done during the initial construction or at a later date with another ritual performed in a similar manner.
Item type
Subtype / Model
Raw materials & Components
A construct can be made from various materials. From clay or stone to iron, blood, or even flesh. It is only limited by the skill and expertise of the builder. Materials from high vita areas are needed in order to properly channel the vita throughout the body. Mundane materials can be used, but are inefficient. To add extra abilities rare gemstones are used, the fewer flaws and higher clarity the better. Garnet, opal, sapphire, pearl, ruby, amethyst, or jade are used for varying effects.
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