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A Patch is a manmade pattern of Vita threads that can be added to the weave of reality. In order to patch the weave, one must first be able to thread vita and stitch it into forma that will create the pattern. Then one must be able to hold on to those threads as they are stitched into the patch. Once complete, they must be able to safely release the patch as it alters the weave.   Known patches are collected into a Template and preserved on vellum scrolls. These can be copied with vita infused ink on vellum to create a Mend, a onetime use patch that burns up upon its use. Patches can be stored in fluid form as Elixirs. And they can be set aside for immediate and continual use in items engraved with their pattern called Acus, but they require recharging after use. To recharge they need to be moved, usually a dance is performed. The use of any of these patches generates a large amount of heat and can burn those who are not careful.   Access to this knowledge is also restricted. The recipes, movements, chants, and rituals of every guild is a closely guarded secret. Though they all share many similarities. It is all nothing more than making a specific pattern. Stitching a patch is physically, mentally, and spiritually taxing. Even when performed correctly it can leave the stitcher numb to the world once the pattern takes hold. It uses kinetic energy as fuel to manipulate vita, which needs to be built up in advance and at the ready. Practitioners of the Ardent Path, like the Sartrix, use body movement to gather the needed energy.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Various constraints and limits exist on Stitching patches. The stitchers belief, intent, and strength of will play a big role in the effectiveness of a patch. If they don’t believe in what they are trying to do, it will not work. Being physically, emotionally, or mentally compromised will have an effect. Stitching while tired, drunk, dazed, confused, or even conflicted can have terrible consequences. They cannot hold onto the threads.

Manufacturing process

Form a hem (vita barrier) to cleanse an area and keep stray vita from entering. In the cleansed area, consecrate an altar. Place a Knewstone upon the altar to fuel the crafting process or perform a ritual dance to gather the needed energy. Within the barrier, stitch Vita through an Ojo to knit forma (individual parts of the weave), which are then stitched together into a patch. For safety, a Curio (artificial ojo to hold the thread) can be used to facilitate the stitching.
Item type
Consumable, Magical
Subtype / Model
Related Technologies
Raw materials & Components
Vellum produced from the skin of a Beast is needed for a mend, the stronger the beast the more complex a weave it can hold. Vita infused water, normally from the Adi River, is the base of an elixir and the ink used in mends. The ink turns green due to the vita. An Acus must be made from a mixture of gold and silver, called electrum.

Types of Patches

  Mend: Any patch contained in velum. Releasing the patch destroys the item itself.   Acus: Any patch contained in a charm, usually meant to affect the carrier.
  • Tether to bind.
  • Bulwark to defend.
  • Ward to repel.
  Elixir: Any patch contained in liquid; they are meant for personal affects to the consumer.
  • Potion to affect the body.
  • Brew to affect the mind.
  • Tincture to affect the essence.


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