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Fellowship of Gillespie

Banupte stands at the center of the Ban Isle, a man made island populated mostly by Sartrix. The Sartrix come here to study and perfect their craft. On the grounds are stables full of fantastical beasts and gardens of mystical plants, herbs, and flowers overseen by verdure. Those who come to study here have already attained their masters degree and need a wealthy patron to sponsor them, or an innate talent that the fellowship wishes to develop or needs to control. The fellowship is the guild responsible for teaching all those students, and their teachers are called archons. They teach their students to stitch using the Ardent Path.


All archons are Grand Masters, with Master and Fellow teaching assistants.
  • Magus: Head master of the school.
  • Grand Master: Teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes.
  • Master: Assist in teaching intermediate classes, take advanced classes.
  • Fellow: Assist in teaching beginner classes, take intermediate classes.
  • Journeyman: Take beginner classes, allowed out into the world for practical experience.
  • Apprentice: Take beginner classes. Spend most of their time in meditation. 
  • Culture

    The apprentice starts his learning in white robes with red cuffs on the bottom and sleeves to signify their previous life being burned away. They stand upon the burning embers that will be their future. The Journeyman has an orange wave embroidered above the red, as a rising fire kicks up from those embers. The Fellow adds a yellow flame atop that, reaching the waist and shoulder, signifying the fires of enlightenment. The Master has a brown robe with green shoulder cape, representing a tree of knowledge having grown from the flames. The Grand Master adds a blue cap to represent the shining moon holding back the darkness. The Magus wears a violet stole to represent the line they form between man and that darkness.   Students are sorted into houses for the duration of their stay. Each with their own dormitories and house crest pinned to their collars. Those who seek knowledge above all else, with a golden scroll. Those who seek adventure, with a silver sword. Those who seek to heal, with an ivory chalice. And those who seek power and influence, with a crystal diadem.


    Founded in Gillespie's name after the Church of the Great Mother turned their backs on the people in their time of need. Built on the ruins of Gillespies tower, from which he disappeared, they stand as a symbol of hope for the common man.


    Beginner training is divided into apprentice and journeyman stages. Its focus is to learn about Vita, the weave and all its parts, Ojo's and their uses, and the significance of brands. A student must copy the Template word for word to create their own. Then, through meditation, open their Ojo. The apprentice focuses on study and theory, while the journeyman gets practical experience. To graduate the beginner course, one must demonstrate proficiency in their stitching. An exam is given in which the student must achieve their prescribed effect in two randomly selected schools using a hem and in two other randomly selected schools using a curio.   As a Fellow the student moves on to the intermediate stage of study. They focus on empowering their Ojo. This level of study can be done in the school or in a city guildhall. They normally leave the tower as a fellow to continue their education from in a guildhall. The guilds actively recruit throughout their studies and upon graduation. Most fellows need to earn an income from the guilds to pay for their continued education. Those who stay on as teaching assistants have been recommended by their teachers and receive a salary from the school. In order to graduate to Master the student must show proficiency in six schools, three with a hem and three with a curio. All randomly selected.   Masters receive advanced training, which seeks to concentrate the abilities of the Ojo.  


    Level of Study Metamorphosis Compulsion Manifestation Abjuration Evocation Psychokinesis Astrology
    Advanced Transform Enthrall Conjure Affect Spirit Project Effect Empathy Astral Project
    Intermediate Perceptions Enchant Repel Aura Calm Mind Aura Effect Telepathy Dream Walk
    Beginner Abilities Hallucinate Attract Aura Mend Body Touch Effect Telekinesis Astral Touch

    Known Patches

    Attack with an elemental touch, shot, wall, wave, cone, radius, or beam. Create an elemental shield, armor, or dome which either guards against an effect or imbues one onto the attacker. Remove effects or mend bodily harm.   Dominate spirit or will of another or release them from such domination. Summon spiritual beings and dispel their presence. For any of these patches the sartrix needs to know the brand.   Bend light to alter sight or reveal the truth, create sound, or listen intently. Attract or repel a specific thing, mind frame, or Vita itself.

    Cosmological Views

    The commonly held belief is that the Gods were no more than people with more knowledge of how to thread Vita. Therefor, with sufficient training, anyone can rival even the gods.
    Founding Date
    Education, Magic
    Alternative Names
    Government System
    Economic System
    Market economy
    Legislative Body
    The first Archons wrote the rules of conduct for all their students. The Magus can amend these rules as needed, with the majority of Archons approval.
    Parent Organization
    Official Languages
    Related Professions
    Controlled Territories
    Neighboring Nations
    Notable Members
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