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High Eminence Guardian Baron Hues Gillespie   Gillespie was a simple man of not so humble origins. A shepherd tending his flock, but he was Aeonian. His godly gift was to see the unseen and do what only the awakened could before. He traveled far and wide learning the skills of deities great and small. From the Beast roaming the wilds to the Verdure guarding the frontier. Then taught those skills to others who, in turn, called him prophet. Once he united the warring clans he built a monument to his own greatness. From there he traversed the planes in search of the Gods, never to return. But years later someone came looking for his people. Old deities seeking to repay the relations of the man who did them a great service. They taught his family and disciples the true ways of the gods and his sister set out to spread that word. She founded the church to serve the gods and protect man from the chaos and from themselves.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Born with the ability to see vita flows, he was able to predict bodily movement and see actions before they occurred. This gave him prowess on the battlefield. Which he later used, after opening all his vita points through meditation, to replicate the special abilities of so called monstrous beasts and verdure.

Apparel & Accessories

He carried with him a staff and wand of his own design. These were his personal curio, which he used to facilitate stitching his patches. He also carried with him a set of books of wooden cover with vellum pages. These were used as his journals, where he documented all his trials and tribulations, and the lessons learned from them.

Mental characteristics


At age 7, being of noble birth, Gillespie underwent a ceremony of introduction at the noble courts of the Demesne. While serving the courts as a page he learned to read and write, court etiquette, and to play music. Room and board was provided, along with his education. His duties and responsibilities included serving the Dukes table during meals, composing poems and love songs for the ladies of the court, handing out alms to the poor, and introducing new pages to the intricacies of court life.   At age 14 pages are made a squire and assigned a knight to serve and learn from directly. He was no different and cared for the armor and weapons, tended to the horses, relayed messages, announced arrivals, and any other chore the Knight deemed fit. During this time he also learned the art of falconry and hunting. His combat training was also accelerated and formalized at this point. He learned to use all the various weapons at a knights disposal as he cared for his masters weapons, even acquiring some of his own, and learned to joust with the quintain.   At age 22, while serving as a knight, he was assigned to protect a summoner from a prominent clan on a long journey. During this time he showed special aptitude for the art of stitching and was taken under the summoners wing as an apprentice. He learned to force the Beast transformation that the summoners used as weapons, and learned that the same could be done for Verdure. He soon joined the summoners clan and rose to prominence within their ranks.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  1. Created the first artificial vita point, the curio, and successfully threaded vita through it to stitch a patch.
  2. Contained a patch within a charm, acus, and was able to use it at a later date.
  3. Discovered the brands of many creatures, great and small, including a few of the gods themselves. The gods of Fertility, Nature, and Shepherds. 
  4. Traversed the planar barriers and entered Vosculhu physically.

Failures & Embarrassments

  1. Was never able to get teleportation to work as a common means of travel.
  2. Failed to find the location of any of the missing relics of the gods.
  3. When he traversed the planar barriers the resulting explosion of vita destroyed his base. He and his followers were never seen or heard from again.

Personality Characteristics


Gillespie has a strong desire to know things. If he comes across something unknown, he feels compelled to find the answer. Learning is its own reward.
Current Location
long thick straight black hair.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
fair skinned
200 lbs.


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