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Noble Lordship Tenant Count of House Madeter, Vinence

Ruler of the eastern most city of the County province of Adinerado, Arilade. The Count sits at the head of a city council, whose members are elected by the populace. Home to approximately 37,000 people. It is a moderately wealthy and well defended city. This walled coastal city is a major trade hub between the western dukedoms and eastern marches, they see many ships and caravans coming through their lands. They are a world leader in commerce, in no small part to Vinence's acumen in trade. Residing in a fortified home, within the Palace Borough section of the inner bailey, he is well defended.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He's remained in good physical condition and maintained his training from his time in the military.

Mental characteristics


Like all the other aristocratic born boys in the County, he underwent the introduction ceremony at the high court of Adinerado in Adijapud at age 7. There he served the court as a page. His duties and responsibilities included serving table during meals, opening doors, composing poems and love songs for the ladies of the court, handing out alms to the poor, and introducing new pages to the intricacies of court life. On his spare time, he learned to read and write, practiced court etiquette, and played music when in public view. When amongst the other pages he wrestled, played cards and checkers, and dueled with sticks.   At age 14 he became a squire and was assigned a Duchy knight to serve and learn from directly. Sailing up the Arresadi River to the capital city of Duchy, Desadi, he learned the basics of sailing on the way. Once he arrived, he began to care for armor and weapons, tend to the horses, relay messages, announce arrivals, and many other chores deemed fit. During this time, he also learned the art of falconry, hawking, and hunting. He took a particular liking to hawking. His combat training was also accelerated and formalized at this point. He learned to use all the various weapons at a knight's disposal, acquiring some of his own, and learned to joust with the quintain.   At age 21, having proven himself capable, he was knighted and swore allegiance to the provincial liege lord, the Arch Duke. Upon being knighted he was given a sword and spurs, representing his rank of bachelor knight. He then served as a sword, hunt, gate, and horse master for one year each at different castles and manors. Once this service was completed, being a first-born son, he returned home to serve his father as heir to his title and holdings. As a member of the aristocracy, he took an administrative position in government. Serving in these offices taught him how to maintain his holdings and rule over men.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Short though his military career was, it was highly distinguished. He received the Good Conduct award for acting appropriately and following rules, with no negative marks in a season, three times. He received a Commendation for peak performance and proficiency in a given field twice, for horsemanship and swordsmanship. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for courage in the face of imminent danger while defending a border town from an Einjar warband descending on them from the mountains. The whole platoon received the Unit Citation for showing exemplary service during that conflict. And finally, both the Medal of Valor for going above and beyond the call of duty and the Humanitarian Service award for showing compassion and doing a public service, in rescuing children from the Lirtu as it hunted for a quick meal.

Failures & Embarrassments

During the Einjar raids, he led an attack on the warbands camp, which resulted in the platoon being surrounded and nearly every man being killed. Part of the delegation that negotiated at Mpanyozu in 1242/7A. That trade deal led to the Trade War in 1247/7A, which lasted two years and cost numerous lives.

Personality Characteristics


A success-oriented pragmatic type. He wants to be affirmed, to distinguish himself from others, have attention and be admired, and to impress others. He desires to feel valuable and worthwhile.

Vices & Personality flaws

Tries to be what he believes others want him to be, instead of being his authentic self. Fears being worthless and is always chasing success. Frequently to the detriment of his interpersonal relationships. Has trouble admitting to his own personal failings. Drinks regularly to cope with what he believes are excessive failures.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Noble Lordship Tenant Count of Arilade
Year of Birth
1215 7A 37 Years old
Large brown
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Cirvaeon Pantheon
Aligned Organization


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