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Two handed flaming great sword that can cut anything. Drawing the blade reveals any enchantment within ten feet. Those whose connection is strong can produce a blazing melee slash that can cut even threads of vita. A deeper connection grants the ranged scorched bolt, that launches a bolt of lightning to engulf ones enemies in a conflagration. Lastly the smoldering storm is for those whose fervor is unmatched. The winds swirl, emblazon, and lash out at any within range. Becoming a furious cyclone of fiery doom.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The blade and hilt are made of adamant, which alone would make this a great weapon. But inscribed on the blade is the sigil of each of its previous divine owners. When they took possession of the weapon they infused it with a bit of their own power. Making it more powerful for each subsequent wielder. Faceted on the hilt is a jewel called the eye of Prexetiel, this is what allows for the revelatory abilities. Set in the sword by Erasteus as a thank you for their aid in the battle against evil.


The power first wielded by Graxiel, the primordial god of the storm, was used in many battles and slew many enemies. Later taken up by his son, Cateus, the god of battle, imbued that power into the blade. It was used in defense of all of creation until Cateus could no longer wield it due to injury. Wielded last by Amalius, god of strength, in the various conflicts over his existence, it was left behind to his followers for the continued defense of the people. Since its acquisition by the church of the great mother, their clergy have been able to call on its power for the defense of the faithful.


It is believed that those chosen by Amalius can channel his power and conjure a replica form of it. Their own level of commitment to the cause and the church determines how much of the power they can draw out.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Subtype / Model
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Unique item, greatest weapon of the gods, and shield to all mankind. The faithful of the Church of the Great Mother can conjure an ethereal blade with the properties of this sword. The strength of which depends on their faith. But many holy warriors call on this power when it is needed to defend the meek.

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