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The Divine Garden


Completely surrounded by dense forest of evergreens, a single mountain stands at its center. A stream fed by the snow capped peak runs to a waterfall that empties into a lake at its base. It's shores overgrown with trees and shrubs. Where the lake meets the mountain there is a cave behind the waterfall, accessible both by land and water. The fringes of the forest are blanketed in murky fog. The fog can lead to either the physical world, Vosculhu, or Elysud. Depending on how one enters it.


A never-ending spring reigns here, as new life is always beginning from within this enclosure. Rolling thunderstorms block out the blistering sun as they pass in a never ceasing pattern, rotating around the mountain to create the only seasonal variations. The dry and the wet seasons.

Fauna & Flora

Every conceivable woodland and freshwater creature can be found within this enclosure. The animals that reside within are all some type of beast. Most are lesser beasts, though some are greater. The Greenman is a superior beast and leads them all.   Many plants have grown to be carnivorous over the years, and everything that you see is either eating or being eaten. Predatory plants include pitfalls that trap prey in a rolled leaf full of digestive enzymes, flypaper that uses a sticky mucus to trap and digest prey, snaps that use rapid leaf movement to ensnare prey, bladders that suck prey into bellies full of digestive enzymes, and eel pots that use inward-pointing hairs to force prey to move towards a digestive organ. Many of the plants and shrubs have evolved over the years to become verdure.

Natural Resources

The wood from the trees here are full of vita and can be used to craft conduits for it. Items made from this wood are very durable and highly sought after.


Created by the sacred tree from the dispersed vita of a lares she defeated, this little piece of land was dragged into a pocket dimension along with all who resided within its borders. Now only those who know how can reach it.


Einjar druids come here on holy pilgrimage to see the sacred tree or the green man who resides here with her. Part of their spiritual journey includes traversing the dangers of the forest.    The sacred tree enjoys collecting rare items and putting them on display. And as such her exhibits have become attractions for congregants of the Church of the Great Mother. They make holy pilgrimage here to see relics of the true gods. They must follow the prescribed path or be subject to the dangers of the forest.
Alternative Name(s)
Dimensional, Pocket
Additional Rulers/Owners
Characters in Location

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