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Zepi Gabyun

One of three scrolls that possess the earthly manifestation of baalim power. This translates to Fire Book and focuses on summoning rituals. A vertically oriented scroll with writing arranged in a single continuous column of text from top to bottom, except where interrupted by diagrams and illustrations. Wound around a central baton, the umbilicus, the well worn vellum is smooth to the touch.   Designed to be portable, this text contains maledictions and hexes used in recitation during occult rituals. It is a mortuary scroll for all its previous owners, their brands documented with their death. The scroll grows longer with every owner.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The summoning rituals are varied and create many forces. From within their own flesh the summoner can call forth either eight individual serpents or a single greater serpent with eight heads and eight tails. These beings can manifest from within themselves, a venomous insectoid swarm of unruly slithering creatures, some with wings and others with limbs. All with horns, mandibles, talons, fangs, claws, or other such bodily armaments to maim, defile, and destroy to fight for them as well as do their own fighting.   Drakir, the nightmarish manifestations of the astral plane Vosculhu, can be summoned to this plane through the dreamscape. They manifest as behemoth serpentine hominids. Draped in shadow with scales like armor, venomous bite, and fiery claws. A maximum of three can be summoned at one time. And they can all summon venomous swarms of their own as well as create up to three beasts, verdure, or acari of their own.   A Doppleganger can also be born from the summoners shadow, which itself is capable of conjuring its own forces and enacting its masters will.   General rituals shared by its sibling scrolls include adding psychic damage to attacks, weakening the body of opponents, and gaining extra sensory abilities.


Passed along the generations from coven to coven, this book of dark arts rarely sees the light of day. Used for one nefarious plot after another, its owners seek to dominate and destroy the world. All those who use its power are plagued by nightmares and paranoia, and eventually succumb to despair.


A physical representation of the taint of the baalim in this world. All who use its power are driven mad, and all those touched by this power are soon for the grave.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Subtype / Model
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Related Condition
One of three scrolls, this one is the only one with its specific set of secret knowledge.
Raw materials & Components
The book is in fact a scroll, with brass umbilicus wrapped in vellum made of human flesh fastened together with glue made from ground human bones and thread of human sinew.

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