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Any insect whose vita points are opened throughout its life is an Acari. Bugs of all types have two vita points to open and empower. Each stage of development, after the first, will cause the acari to grow an additional segment. Those with 1-2 extra segments are low acari, and 3-4 are high acari. Acari are known to few, and most do not even notice their distinction. Bugs cannot view their own true names or those of others, as a result they can't concentrate vita into their vita points themselves. It must be done by an outside force.   Those who open the first point gain the ability to strengthen and fortify themselves; empowering it increases their sensory perceptions. The second point gives them the ability to affect others physical senses when opened. When empowered they can affect the mind as well. This allows for swarming.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Once both points are opened and empowered they no longer rely solely on physical food for sustenance, they must sustain themselves by also consuming vita itself. They spew acid from their mouths to dissolve their food, and must drink it quickly, absorbing the vita before it can dissipate.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

All naturally occurring acari are low acari, and most high acari were forced into being by another. These are almost always the work of the colacho as they are fond of using them as minions.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

By opening and empowering their first vita point they can better sense the world around them, the movement of all living things, and can feel the threads of vita itself.
Each segment grown doubles its original lifespan.
Average Physique
Commonly manifests in sextapedal form but will grow more limbs as it gains power and intelligence. Slowly becoming more monstrous in appearance. Their mandible and antennae elongate, and they grow horns. Their coloring becomes deeper and more noticeable. And if the first vita point is concentrated, they can grow as large as a medium dog. They cannot achieve this on their own but can have it forced upon them.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Greenish hue to their carapace, violet eyes and wings, with amber mandibles and stingers.
Geographic Distribution
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