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A constant flurry of papers and voices fill the guild hall. The door opened and closed fifteen times before the guild master called Esen's name. Twice, the door barely latched before another herald pulled on the handle.

654 words

Heralds Guild

Heralds gathered around the sides and in the back of the hall, behind the chairs. Those gathering included performers too. Anyone that wanted to sing, dance, recite stories, or play music in taverns or public spaces in Etonia had to register with the Hera

697 words


The Fish and Biscuit Rally brought people from hundreds of miles around. Some came for the fishing, but many came for the festival. The fairgrounds during the day and taverns at night overflowed with live performances.

710 words

Knights of the Silver Dragon

The living space of the Knights of the Silver Dragon describe them as much as their Vows. The knights were a versatile special forces unit more than heavy cavalry and their duties reflected that.

477 words

Construction Guild

When the Council arrived the quiet fishing village of Etonia had a collection of small homes and a few large, ancient buildings, mostly in ruins. Urgent demands for repairs and growth led Etonia to develop a construction guild.

567 words

Taverns and Inns

361 words


504 words

Auguston Citadel

439 words

Holtswain Academy

403 words

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