Stay Up To Date With "Thick Ick"


Protect Your Family
Our Archons are a steadfast force between our citizens and the dreaded mist and ooze but there have been cases of careless citizens tracking particles into our clean city.
If you or somebody you know should come into contact with either, please contact Human Resources immediately.
    • Do not visit The Neighborhoods unless mandated. While we do currently allow visitation into District A, we strongly suggest citizens do not travel out of Neighborhoods Watch territory.
  • Check all shoes and pants after excursions out of the city center. Remnants of ooze stick to flesh or textiles and may be spread through physical contact.


You can expect a visit from The Counsels within two hours of a report coming through our system.


Thick Ick Basics

When coming into contact with the mist or ooze, living creatures are likely to become tainted with a highly lethal infection. It is remarkably contagious and able to transmit itself through the air or between flesh and fabric, respectively. Please follow below guidelines depending on your source of exposure.

Are You Sick?

Have you, a loved one, or community member been showing signs of "Thick Ick?"
If you suspect another citizen of contracting Thick Ick, you are mandated to report their ID number to Human Resources immediately. Any delay will be taken as a consideration of disloyalty to your fellow citizens and the city of Beckettville.


Mist Fever

Currently classified as a respiratory infection, Mist Fever begins with an abnormally high temperature and difficulty breathing leading to severe confusion. They may suffer from random bouts of unconsciousness followed by frightened attacks against those nearby. If not treated immediately, infected individuals may begin seizing and tearing at the own chests and throats. Even when physically restrained they will seemingly stop at nothing to access a breath of air, many ripping themselves apart strip by strip until they are deemed deceased.


Mist Fever is spread quickly by breathing in the air, droplets, or mist itself. Infected individuals can spread illness through exhaling particles from coughing or sneezing.


    • Fever
    • Confusion
    • Irritability
    • Loose, tearing skin
    • Seizures
  • Loss of Consciousness



Always wear a gas mask when entering misted areas.

  Remember your BecCo Umbrella every time it rains!

Ooze Illness

Currently classified as a vicious parasitic brain infection, Ooze Illness begins with sharp headaches and pain-induced vomiting. As the infection proliferates through the brain tissue it will cause uncontrollable shaking, outbursts of unusual behavior, and loss of muscle mass as the infected individuals stops eating. If untreated, those suffering will ultimately begin to putrefy from the inside becoming a walking skin-bag of decay until the seam releases and our Waste Management must clean their mess. Do not leave infected individuals unattended.


Ooze Illness is spread solely through physically touching the ooze. It is not considered transmittable by infected individuals until the illness reaches advanced stages.


    • Headache
    • Vomiting
    • Tremors
    • Behavioral Abnormalities
    • Physical Putrefaction
  • Acidic Secretions



Wash and inspect entire body each day for remnants.

  Don't forget to wear an extra layer of protection!


Nature versus Thick Ick

Domestic Pigeon
(Columba livia domestica)

Animals should never come into contact with mist or ooze.
Results are dangerous and catastrophic.
All infected animals are to be destroyed on sight.
Should you come into contact with any animal in The Neighborhoods, immediately inform the nearest Neighborhoods Watch and leave the area as soon as possible.
If an infected animal is discovered within Beckett Park, report directly to Parks and Recreation.
Yorkshire Terrier
(Canis lupus familiaris)
All images obtained from Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, NightCafe, or created by Emily Armstrong. All icons by FontAwesome. All photo manipulations and graphic design by Emily Armstrong.


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Well, I asked, didn't I? LOL Now I wonder what the heck happened. Some alien plane of existence touched Earth for a while? An extraterrestrial virus? Someone who was into chemical warfare mixed in some necromancy? I am reminded of certain awful real-world chemicals, but I feel like this is a bit *more* from the melting animals...

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