The Counsels

I had lunch next to a Counselor yesterday. They were very interested in my feelings about my sandwich and chips. Those guys are weirdos.
— Overheard from Beckettville Citizen

The Counsels are our brave group of advisors working below The Elders. Each Elder works with between five and twelve Counselors trained to deploy procedures, activate programs, and promote particular practices to ensure the total health and safety of our robust city. They are often involved in retraining patterns for Archons and work closely with their designated agencies to ensure proper processes are being followed.

A Higher Calling

Although not considered a religious position, some Counselors do work beneath the Elder overseeing religious supervision. Due to their appointment, some Counselors have intensive religious knowledge and are deeply connected to Dolōrem. Many hope to be accepted and blessed by the great deity.
If you decide to become a Counselor, you take on not only a higher level of responsibility within Beckettville, but of loyalty to The Hiram Beckett Company. You will be seen as a leader in your field and the go-to individual to solve your respective agency's problems, particularly when it comes to decisions beneath The Elders and the President. If you find you cannot handle the increased level of stress, you may be decomissioned. In rare cases, you may be reconditioned and demoted to Archon.
  Our Counsellors have a storied history within Beckettville. At the time of the The Extinction Event, Hiram Beckett reorganized his closest executives to form a temporary medical response unit: The Beckettville Medical Bureau. Once the BMB was able to draw up a proper healthcare system based on our needs, they were reformed and expanded into our beloved Counsels.

Taking A Counsel Seat

Although not an easy road, becoming a Counselor is often a position many young citizens of Beckettville hope to fulfill someday. Any Archon is eligible to become a Counselor after their required years of service and receipt of five commendations. Eligible parties and their immediate relatives will be thoroughly interviewed to ensure a proper fit before true consideration. Every ten years the position is up for review but the Counselor does have the possibility of serving as a lifetime seat.

Advanced Training

So, you’re an Archon with high hopes of joining the Counsels and you’ve received your commendations. Congrats! It’s time for a secondary revision conditioning and full re-education in your field of study. It is imperative that all Counselors begin with the same set of knowledge built upon by generations within their field. This not only ensures all previously discovered knowledge is retained by future Counselors in that particular position, but also avoids potential repeats of past decisions deemed off-brand.
A Counselor must be an expert in their field.

A Counselor must be willing to take on any challenge.

A Counselor must do whatever it takes for the betterment of Beckettville.

A Public Presence

In general, you will only see a Counselor when something is wrong. This could be in your work or personal life, or perhaps even be related to a friend or extended family member. Do not panic if a Counselor appears, they simply wish to help. Citizens are required to comply with their requests for a safe and happy session.

Getting The Drop On Disorganization

Did you win the lottery? Prepare for a Drop-In! Drop-Ins are conducted bi-weekly and consist of Counselors entering lottery winner's homes to inspect and ensure everything is perfect for the family. Any deviations are dealt with swiftly via a highly trained team of specialized Archons.

Putting The Halt In Asphalt

On rare occasions, Counselors will walk the streets of Beckettville for city inspections. Paired with members from the appropriate agencies, Counselors are known to stop citizens on the street and request grievances about their neighborhoods. Do not run from a Counsellor, they are here to help.
AKA: Hats, Folks in Blue
Work Center: The Promenade
  The names of all Counselors are not maintained in this archive and are not part of the Information Program.
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Master PrincessESH
Aster Blackwell
25 Jun, 2022 19:33

I'm uncomfortable that it advised me multiple times that I do not need to run from Counselors.

Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
25 Jun, 2022 22:33

We understand being approached by a Counselor may be...concerning for some citizens. No need! They're some of the *friendliest* helpers in our beautiful city!~

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