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Check out my worlds of Beckettville and Culinarypunk!

Tea Witch

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Frye Fest

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Popcorn Phoenix

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Cotton Candy Dwarves

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150 Shades of Buffet

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The Pollenesian Swarm

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Nibs McSaccharine

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Hello! It's fantastic to meet you, my name is Emily!
  I'm a creative scatterbrain seeking my cozy niche in this crazy world. During the day, I get to help people reach their creative visions through audio, video, and design. At night I throw a blanket around my shoulders and call myself a creative crusader beating down the bad vibes and naysayers. Need a hype man for your creative endeavors? Just call my name.

Beckettville: Capitalism meets eldritch power in this comedic cosmic horror universe spawning short stories, audio clips, videos, and more surrounding the city of Beckettville.
  Culinarypunk: In the world of Culinarypunk, food is more than just sustenance – it's magic! Adventurers traverse the kingdoms of Culinaria in search of the ultimate ingredients and cooking techniques, all while battling rival chefs and gastronomists. Want to cast a spell? Whip up a soufflé! Need to defeat an enemy? How about a well-timed food fight? Just be careful not to get sauced (unless you want to be).
  Reverium: Reverium is a world shaped by dreams and memories. Its inhabitants possess a unique form of magic that allows them to manipulate the fabric of reality through dream and memory magic. The world is filled with connections to the dreamscape, a magical realm that exist within the dreams of the inhabitants. Many seek to explore this dreamscape in search of hidden knowledge or to simply experience the wonder they offer. As new conflicts arise and old ones resurface, the fate of Reverium is uncertain. The dream and memory magic that defines this world will continue to shape its future, for better or for worse.

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