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Tikkerenna Tokk

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Who Is She

Tikkerenna Tokk, a gnomish master toymaker and thief, obssessed over wealth.   She was determined to build a time traveling device to make thieving easier.   Being unfailingly polite got her through many doors and being stubborn gave ther the daring to carry out her clever schemes.   Failing would be absolutely outrageous!
Thief Suit

Her Plan

Tikkerenna, her finest clockwork duck toy in hand, intended to use her duck toys to steal Star Silver gears from her fourth cousin twice removed on her mother's grandmother's side, Korrillo Kreegan.   The gears were the final pieces she needed to complete her greatest creation, a time-traveling clockwork duck toy.


The Delivery

Proclaiming her distant blood relation to Korrillo, she attended his Inventors Ball, and presented him with the fancy clockwork duck toy.   Amused, Korrillo accepted it, saying this would be the perfect thing to distract the children while they visit his workshop.   Tikkerenna returned home to impatiently wait.
Duck Toy

The Heist

The clockwork duck did it's job, filling itself with the Star Silver gears, including one with a tracer rune on it, then triggered its message spell.   Tikkerenna, aquiver with aniticipation, snuck to Korrillo's shipyard workshop. Hiding in a stacks of lumber, she summoned the toy duck. Emptying it, she sent the duck back to its place in the workshop with a Return wand so no one would notice its absence.


Her Hidden Workshop

Sneaking home, she sorted through the gears, looking for those that fit into her greatest creation.   In her eagerness, she failed to notice the tracer rune on one of the gears she did not need.   As she added the final gear into her creation, the workshop lair was raided!
Hidden Lair

The Escape

Grabbing her creation, she attempted to get away through her secret exit, but found its far end blocked with guardsmen waiting to arrest her.   Seeing no other choice, she invoked the new time traveling built into her creation and vanished half an hour back into the past.
by Tillerz and MJ
The Conclusion
Greatest Creation
'Tokkwing Duck'
  Tikkerenna discovered the price of traveling back in time.   Her body was lost in the journey, leaving only her ghost and the clockwork time-travelling duck.   Refusing to accept her death and moving on into the afterlife because she could not take her wonderous creation with her, her spirit moved into the clockwork duck, making it her new body.   With the advantage of her short spurt of time travel, she escaped her lair before the raid began and started a new life of crime.  
Official Villainess

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