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Frye Fest

Have you been to Frye Fest? It's... honestly, it's a bit disappointing but they're trying! Maybe it'll be better next year?
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Frye Fest is a large amusement park located within the heart of the Frizzle Kingdom.
Separated into 3 themed areas, parkgoers can enjoy a full day at the park for the low price of 5 gold.

Location: The Frizzle Kingdom
Owner: The Deep Frysar
Founding Date: 64 Years Ago

A Day at the Park

deep frysar

The Deep Frysar's Kingdom

  When the current Deep Frysar took over Frizzle and Frye Fest nearly a decade ago, he immediately began turning the kingdom around.
  Frysar Glizzy refurbished the amusement park and developed promotional campaigns to spread the word of their beautiful park. This proved to be wildly successful and Frye Fest now struggles to keep up with its popularity.  
Richard Glizzy, the current Deep Frysar, was the Crown Prince of Simmeroon until his marriage to the Princess of Frizzle, Marynayde Fritter. He now lives within the Frye Fest castle alongside his wife and children.
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The Sectors of Frye Fest

Platter Plaza
Frye Fest is built along the Great Melting Pot, the largest lake in Culinaria, and takes advantage of the view by building Platter Plaza, the main concord of the park, beside the water.
Sous Vide Springs
One of the largest sections of the park, Sous Vide Springs is a cluttered water park on the western edge of Frye Fest.
Thrillseeker's Thyme
Tucked into the northern corner of Frye Fest, Thrillseeker's Thyme is a small collection of rides for adrenaline seekers.

Made primarily of hard tack and deep fried dough, the Doughlercoaster is the main attraction at Frye Fest. Wait times tend to stand around three hours. The coaster is often lit up for holidays and large events.

It's A Fried Realm
A dark ride featuring singing and dancing animatronics. Built into the main castle of Frye Fest, this attraction takes passengers on a river ride through a mini Frizzle Kingdom.
Rhush Puppy Races
Getting teleporting dogs to stay in one place is a massive feat, let alone corralling those dogs into an organized race. The races draw in massive crowds and became the most active gambling center in Culinaria.

For those looking for a break from the action, the Churrosel is a relaxing carousel ride hosting a variety of plaster Culinarian creatures coated in a fine dusting of cinnamon sugar.

Frye Fest Workers

Dwarves with funnel cake origins, Shortcakes are native to the Frizzle Kingdom. Frysar Glizzy began an initiative to offer jobs to local funnel cake dwarves that resulted in a high number of dwarven workers.
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Available in the Culinarypunk: Blueberry Edition.
Large, thick, bouncer-like individuals made of fried dough that work as security at Frye Fest. These dudes mean business and are called in for major cases of misconduct.

Frye Fest is open every day of the week from 6am until 11pm! Open late during Festival Season!

The People of Frye Fest

The Deep Frysar and his family aren't the only people living within Frye Fest. Multiple families that work within the park and enjoy its entertainment year-round have taken up homes within the walls of the park. Frye Fest provides free lodging to any park employee who wishes to remain on the premises overnight, especially those working security or opening/closing the park. This began as part of a safety initiative Kaiserin Marynayde started five years ago.  

Frizzle Springs

Along the western edge of Frye Fest sits a cozy suburb-like community of devoted Fryeheads. Homes are available for rent or purchase and offer year-round service to the park at a reduced rate. Yearly passes are factored into the price of the home and allow the families living there full access to the park during open hours. Fryeheads throw multiple gatherings each year in which they descend on the park together and celebrate Frye Fest in all its glory.

Special Events at Frye Fest

Throughout the year, Frye Fest holds a variety of special events and month-long celebrations. The people of Culinaria look forward to these events year after year, planning large vacations around the festivals. Many of these events also feature discounted entry prices; however, the food and merchandise for events cost a bit more than the standard fare. Each year brings unique cuisine and brand new collectables for devoted Fryeheads for the latest and greatest from the Deep Frysar.  

Cuisine Across Culinaria

A celebration of the best food creations from the last year, Cuisine Across Culinaria brings in twenty chefs to showcase their recipes. Each chef creates a menu of their home kingdom's cuisine for visitors to sample. Some food is made with the purpose of one-upping the chefs around them and the recipes from the previous year. Recently, a trend has broken out with chefs crafting fantastical food sculptures to showcase their creations, bringing architecture into the competiton in a new and exciting way. Fan favorites like Sugarcanaan candied apples and Simmeroon fried beefsteaks on a stick come back every year.  
Drink Around Culinaria is a mini-event that runs alongside Cuisine Across Culinaria. Tastemakers from each Kingdom create new, exciting beverages for Culinarians to taste. The park has run into trouble in the past with individuals over-imbibing in the drinks leading to an increased security during the event. Frye Fest has built comfortable drunk tanks in their main security center to help those particular individuals sober up, get some food, and return to their families better than they left them. Most visitors respect the 2-drink per menu limit imposed a few years ago after a chugging competition broke out at the beer hut.

Frosting Faire

The sweetest time of year! Frosting Faire redecorates Frye Fest in medieval garb, brings in the curdyhurdygurdys, and hosts baguette jousting tournaments with lively betting pools. Fryeheads spend all year crafting outifts for the annual costume contest and save up for the once-in-a-lifetime collectables available during the Faire. The winner of the costume contest becomes royalty for the remainder of the day and is given a unique, insider tour of the castle. This is sometimes considered to be the biggest event at Frye Fest, since it draws in the largest crowd and boasts a complete renovation of the park. Artisans from around Culinaria fight for the limited vendor slots available on Frye Fest's main street, spilling off into the winding side streets and plazas.

Meat Meadows Displays

As the seasons change and things turn colder within the Frizzle Kingdom, bouquet artists from Lactasia and Simmeroon bring their highest quality meat to show the public. Part of this includes the beautiful meat meadows displays created by the festival staff, bouquet artists, and local chefs. Meat, cheese, and specialty ingredients are shipped in from around Culinaria and turned into stunning charcuterie board-like configurations meant to mimic the natural stunning beauty of the Meat Meadows on the border of Simmeroon and . Although these are not for eating, all of the displayed items are available for purchase fresh from any food location within Frye Fest.

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Finding Frye Fest

  Life in the Frizzle Kingdom is never boring, especially when your home is within Frye Fest. One such family living and working in the park were the Tempuras, doughdins who traveled from the east edge of the Frizzle Kingdom to devote their lives to the Deep Frysar.
  Their child, Chrispy Tempura, was nearly old enough to join his parents in their career but still spent most of his time running freely through the park. He'd become a familiar face to the park workers and was often given free treats and extra turns on rides simply for spending his free time with the workers. A true joy, Chrispy brought a smile to each person they passed.
  When the family first came to Frye Fest, they traveled by Spaghettrain. Chrispy had never been on such a large machine before and feared being separated from his parents, holding his mother's hand throughout the entire ride. Even when the spaghetti was distributed, Chrispy switched hands and chowed down. Other doughdin children aboard the train tried to pry him away to play for the duration of the trip but there was no separating the boy from his mother.
  This has remained true to date, with Chrispy following his mother into work each morning. Celerie Tempura was one of the lead chefs at Frye Fest, often in charge of the standard menu of fare available within the park. Once in a while she would let her son get involved with the prep or recipe creation in the hopes of him taking over her position one day. She dreamed of working alongside her son in a kitchen of her own - but the kitchen at Frye Fest would do just fine.

Images created by Emily Armstrong using Wombo.Art.


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