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Pit Jam

Jamming the Zone

Erathia Jam by Chris L

And there came a day when the Hoopsters of the Zone came to the attention of the Master of Monster Mountain. He sought amusements for his domain and could think of none better than the so-called Happy Hoopsters.

Convinced that these hoop players could bring him fame and riches he attempted to kidnap them. The wily Bunny challenged him and his Minions to a Hoops challenge. The Master stole the skills of the Zone's greatest hoopsters and put them in his Minions.

Now overmatched, the Bunny and his friends sought out the help of the greatest player in the Zone, the Bull. Now, to keep their freedom, they must play in the InterZone Tournament and win the Elven Shoe Trophy!

Yes. This is the plot of Space Jam. Try to keep up!


Rampol Sun Symbol by Chris L

The popular game of hoops first came to the Zone from one of the many Primes that have manifested in the Pit. It involves teams of players bouncing a rubber ball on a wooden court and putting it through the opposing teams "hoop" on either end of the playing field.

It has become popular in the Zone where teams from each Canton compete in the 7-Day InterZone League Tournament for the Elven Shoes Trophy.

Comfy Kitchen

An alligator with a tavern and huts on its back.
Kuya Buwaya by Branden L

Lola's Comfy Kitchen has become the hub of the InterZone Tournament. All the games from across the Zone are projected from onto the side of Kuya Buwaya. The friendly kaiju alligator sleeps most of the time and the players consider it lucky to offer him food before a big game.

Outside of the casinos of Aurumopolis, the Kitchen is the best place to place a bet, have a snack , and drown your sorrows when you lose! All the sportswriters for the Zone & Sovranty know that the news arrives here first.

Day 7: Shatter

Face of the Shattered Moon by Chris L - Midjourney

Surprise Winners Take Home the Elven Shoes Trophy

The last day of the tournament took place on Shatter underneath the shadow of a frozen Elder God. The Minions of Monster Mountain had torn through all the competition with the stolen skills of the Zone's greatest players.

Despite their early setbacks, the Zone Hoopsters rallied under the leadership of the Bull and the Bunny to reach the final game. In a thrilling match, the Hoopsters defeated the Minions at the buzzer, gaining their freedom, and returning the stolen hoop abilities back to their rightful owners.

The Master of Monster Mountain has slunk away in defeat with his Minions, never to be heard from again... or has he?!?!?!

Minions vs. Hoopsters

Pit Jam Lineup by Chris L

From left to right: Minions of Monster Mountain: Minion Two, Minion One, Minion Four, Minion Three. Referees: Instructor of Recruits and Sgt. Kill Flayer. Hoopsters of the Zone: Leeloo, the Duck, the Bull, and the Bunny.

The Minions met the Hoopsters twice in the Tournament. The Hoopsters were demolished the first day and then met the Minions again in the Finals.

Day 5: Faerie

A friendly baku by nnie

The Baku Blessed Hoopsters

Today on Faerie, the Baku came out in force to support the Zone Hoopsters in their match against the Mended Axe Coyotes! Spectators in Velvet Stadium were surprised and delighted by the appearance of trumpeting cheering baku who clearly favored the team of the Bull and the Bunny!

Day 1: Elemental

by Chris L

Opening Day of the InterZone Hoops Tournament

Welcome to the IHT opening day which falls on a Day of Elemental Fire this year. Today teams from across the Zone, the Sovranty, and the multiverse itself have come to compete for the coveted Elven Shoes Trophy!

It came as no surprise that the Zone Hoopsters were the first to fall in their first game against the Minions of Monster Mountain. We all expected this exhibition team of funny animal-folk to lose in their second game against the Aurumopolis Angesl. But they managed to eke out a surprise win with a last-second desperation score!

Day 2: Shadow

by Chris L

The Minions Massacre the Werewolves

The game of the day on Shadow definitely has to come from the Monster Mountain Minion's overwhelming dominance of the Werewolves of the Dominion! The Minions came from nowhere to knock this veteran team out of contention!

Most disturbingly, they used Werewolf player Wolfgang von Ulf-fang's signature moon shot against him to great effect!

Day 3: Prime

by Chris L

In the Garden of Good & Evil

Today, on Prime through a special arrangement, the Interzone Hoops Tournament was allowed to play it's games in the famous Square Garden where we first learned our famous sport!

The native Bockers of Apple City gave the seemingly unstoppable Minions their first defeat! It was the first chance of hope for the rest of the teams in the IHT!

Day 6: Heaven

A silver icosahedron
The Silversong Moon by Chris L - Deposit Photos

A Semi in Heaven

In today's Semi-Final Games of the InterZone Hoops Tournament the Last Four teams faced off in the shadow of Mount Celestia itself! The surprising Hoopsters of the Zone managed a hard-fought victory against the Happy Robots of Tridenser City. Meanwhile, the Minions contined their brutal dominance by defeating the Torpedoes of the Tortoise.

Both teams advance to the Final tomorrow on Shatter, depending on if it's a Day of War or a Day of Peace!

Cover image: Kirinal Pit Jam Header by Chris L


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