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Our long standing treaties with the Elemental Princes ensures that Elemental brings trade, peace, and recreation. Merchants from around the world and across the dimensions come to the Concordant Zone to trade with the elemental planes. The Treaty of Trade brings great wealth to the civilized elemental folk and our own traders.

Make no mistake, the Elemental Princes are not our friends. But... you can trust them to follow the treaty. Being able to trade with the KCZ has made the Princes rich beyond the dreams of the greediest dao and efreeti. They won't threaten their profits, but they're not above swindling, scams, and good old fraud. Enjoy yourself, but be careful of the press gangs!

On the second day one of the elemental planes manifests. Normally a day for trade or recreation, the merchants of the Pit can exchange goods in the City of Brass or negotiate with the courtiers of the Citadel of Ice and Steel.

Genasi often serve as the go-betweens for the two realms that they call home. Cross breeds between mortal races and extraplanar visitors are common and referred to as Pit-Blood.

Red flames streak into the sky at dawn. A wave of intense dry heat turns winter into summer. Towers of dull gold climb into the sky and fiery beasts streak into the air. Bells ring along the walls and crowds gather on both sides of the gate for the visit. The City of Brass has arrived.

The Treaty of Trade

The Kirinal Pit, while massively dangerous, was also an incredible opportunity for interplanar trade. Over the centuries, they have established trade treaties with most of the elemental powers.

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