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Nibs McSaccharine

I quite enjoyed my time with Sir Nibs, he's a charming individual filled with fascinating stories of his people.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

The leader of the gingerbreadfolk, Nibs McSaccharine is an impressive figure given the utmost respect across the Sugarcanaan Isles. He's made a name for himself as a fair, kind leader who spends all of his time around his people ensuring they are happy, comfortable, and cared for. Although some believe he is young for his position, Nibs has proved time and time again that he is well-deserving of his rank.
Title: Head Muffinkin
Race: Gingerbreadfolk
Homeland: Sugarcanaan Isles
Religious Belief:
Children of the Muffin Man

Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 38

Leading The Gingerbreadfolk

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Born within the city of Gummysburg, Nibs McSaccharine always knew he was destined for more than the average gingerbreadfolk. The McSaccharine Family was devoted to the wellness and improvement of their people, pushing for technological and culinary advancements.
  During his teen years, Nibs was a high-ranking member in the local Sugar Scouts and was the youngest gingerbreadfolk to achieve the top position of Mini Muffinkin, a junior position created for ambitious young people looking to work in government. This propelled him into a life of serving the people of the Sugarcanaan Isles.
  Nowadays, you can find Nibs wandering around Gummysburg during the week and touring the outskirt towns of Sugarcanaan throughout the weekends. It can be difficult to pin him down without an appointment but he is always willing to speak with his people, particularly while out and about on business.  
Becoming Head Muffinkin
As soon as Nibs won the Bake Off and became a council member, discussions started about shifting him through the ranks. The entire remainder of the council put forth a vote and held Nibs up as the true Head Muffinkin, ousting the previous position holder.
Nibs is a head higher than most gingerbreadfolk, standing at nearly five feet tall. He wears a set of ribbed, custom crafted armor made from gingerbread, his father's vest from his time in the Frenzies, and a pair of thick, chocolate boots reinforced by sugar magic. Nibs is considered a strikingly handsome gingerbreadfolk with bold features and beautiful frosting runes decorating his arms and chest..

Frosting Runes

Highly decorated in frosting runes, Nibs is believed to disguise his true abilities to remain unimposing to his people. Rumors have spread that the Head Muffinkin is hiding incredibly powerful magics beneath his armor but Nibs has never shown this to be true. Those who have seen below his armor have never broken his confidence, respecting the man too much to ever confirm or deny his secrets.


Nibs' family made sure he attended school through all sixteen years of his childhood, focusing on extracurricular activities that built up his sense of responsibility and leadership. Although he did not go to one of the universities of Culinaria, he received a hands-on education for his political career.


Nibs entered the first Bake Off he was able, winning first place and taking his seat among the Muffinkin Council. He had no plans to take on the position of Head Muffinkin until he had established himself in the Council, but when a gingerbreadfolk is chosen by the Muffin Man, they cannot avoid the responsibility.
The Lollipop of Retribution
Whether in hand or on his hip, the Lollipop of Retribution is a fearsome weapon gifted to Nibs by the cotton candy dwarves upon his crowning. The sword is believed to come from an ancient line of dwarves who once inherited the islands but its origin and true power are primarily unknown.
  The Lollipop of Retribution is an unbreaking shortsword made of magically hardened icing sugar and infused with an ancient form of sugar magic. When activated by the user, it can inflict abrasive sugar scrub damage and even burn a target during the extreme heat of battle.

The Third Frenzy of the Sugarcanaan Isles

  The true start of the First Frenzy is unknown. The most widely believed spark seems to be a misunderstanding between the cotton candy dwarves and visiting Swarm members while enjoying some sweet teas at a Taffytown bar. A brawl broke out and a high-ranking Swarm Knight had his jaw broken. When the knight returned to the Hive, the Queen demanded the dwarf's beard on a platter. Rather than hand over a clan member, the dwarves rushed to the gingerbreadfolk for protection. Pollenesia found out about Gummysburg's involvement in their political scuffle and doubled their efforts, leading to an all-out war on the Sugarcanaan Isles and the burning of 12% of the Sugartree Forest.
  There have been a number of Frenzies since, usually stemming from a terrible misunderstanding or a bruised ego. Prior to the last Frenzy, Pollenesia was seeking a sugar magic treaty with the Sugarcanaan Isles for an investigative expansion of honey-based magics. Sugarcanaan was proposed to foot the bill and wished to split it with the Pollenesians, but the Queen Bee felt they should not have to pay for the research when the gingerbreadfolk would be given the glory of any discoveries. The gingerbreadfolk, only wishing to spread their knowledge and not caring about the boast, refused to sign the treaty.
  The people of Sugarcanaan knew what would come. As they prepared for yet another Frenzy, the gingerbreadfolk began to wonder why they were seeing less and less of Nibs until one day he didn't show for morning rounds. The people of Gummysburg were stunned and searched every gummy bush for their leader. Fearing they had been deserted before the battle, the Sugarcanaanites banded together to gather weapons and hold down their islands.
  The Frenzy broke hard and fast when the Swarm descended on Taffytown. Hundreds of Swarm Knights and beefolk filled the streets, took command of the storefronts, and froze all transport to and from the docks. Driving any citizens back into Gummysburg, the Sugarcanaanites feared they would have to retreat to the forest and risk another burning.
  Back at the Hive, a Swarm Knight rushed into the Queen Bee's throne room with an urgent message. Unfortunately, he was almost immediately interrupted by Nibs McSaccharine, who had followed in close behind.
  "My dearest Queen, it's a blessing to finally meet. I had hoped it would be under other circumstances but I do believe it shouldn't wait much longer. We must talk." Nibs bowed deeply, taking the hand of the Queen offered and kissing her large gemstone ring.
  "Mr. McSaccharine, I'm not surprised to find you here. Come to ask forgiveness?"
  "Forgiveness? My apologies, you seem to misunderstand why I've appeared before you today." Nibs chuckled, folding his hands behind his back and straightening his posture. This was about to be a long, painful conversation.
  The full story of The Frenzies coming soon!
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