Ava Admira • Who Run The World? Birds!

Ava Admira Who run the world? Birds!

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Six continents tethered together by magic and culture flowing throughout this world. There is no shortage of vibrant places to visit, delicious foods to try, adorable animals to meet. This is a low fantasy world where everything is happy and charming. Investigate ancient ruins to research old civilisations, discover new areas, animals and plants, and most importantly, have fun!


So, so many birds.
Birds rule the world. Birds lead the world in every way possible. Get to know some awesome people!
Quick, the Nedavan Food Court is open! Powderpuff doughballs sell out fast!

The World is Changing

Can you keep up?
The world is always changing. Uncover long lost secrets of the world while you're exploring.
Coming down to the spa later? We're getting our feathers preened :D

What to Expect?

Ava Admira focuses on the fun aspects of worldbuilding. This world will be lighthearted, occasionally touching upon darker themes, but these will still be tackled with a generous amount of humour and casuality.   Species and ecosystems are my favourite things to worldbuild, so expect a heavy dose of both. I will also be focusing on cultures, organisations, peoples, and everything in between, as a way for me to become more comfortable writing other key aspects of a world.  
It's quite fascinating how birds have ended up ruling the world. We're just too cool.
— Researcher

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