Welcome to Ava Admira!

Welcome to Ava Admira!

Welcome to this wonderful world of birds! Grab your pen and paper and start taking notes.   Unlike most worlds in the Anvilspace, Ava Admira is all sunshine and rainbows. Magic dictates this world, with its six continents over three landmasses all woven together through the leylines emerging once in a blue moon. These continents form the Known World, the edges of the expansive oceans shrouded in mist. What lies beyond is unknown.


This world is light, bubbly, humorous, and fantastic. I will focus on finding the joys of writing, writing about all the stuff I enjoy rather than focusing on what other people want to see most. I feel like I've lost my way with worldbuilding a bit in this last year or so - growing as a creator has made me worry that my content isn't appealing to everyone on the planet and in the universe, so this world is an attempt to reclaim control over my writing.

Six Continents


History embedded into the soil
Farahia is a continent of arable grasslands and rural towns. This place has little to offer in terms of wealth and resources, but its cultures predate anywhere else in the world. Geoglyphs sprawl across the lands, between farmlands spreading miles.


Help, I can't see through these trees
Almost all of Silvara is forest. Rainforests, temperate and coniferous forests all sit neatly besides one another, climates blending together to the point where nobody knows if it will hail, storm, or sunshine the next day. Bring a raincoat and some sunscreen.


Farahia, but way colder
Approaching the freezing North Pole, just west of Farahia, is Glacin. This chilling continent is covered in ice and frozen plains, and it never seems to stop snowing. More than that, giant aurora grace the skies every single night, dancing above the lands.

Ignus Mons

Hotter than your mum
Ignus Mons is a collection of thousands of volcanic islands. The largest island, Ignus Melior, spurts lava almost daily, seeping into the oceans and forming land bridges to other islands. The high temperatures have brought about vibrant wildlife.


Gracing the skies with her presence
Aera sits above the other continents, fastened down by massive vine tendrils rooted into the ground below. Where Aera has lifted up a giant chasm remains, full of rare and enchanting minerals. And resources. A certain magical aura also lingers here.

Sandy City

Bustling night-life
Confusingly named, Sandy City is the least populated continent. No one is well designed for life in deserts, yet many manage. A large desert sits in the middle of the continent, surrounded by badlands, with rushing waterfalls splitting up sparse forests.


Magic is what powers this world. Magic is everywhere, is in everything, it always has been around, and it always will be. Magic is less to do with casting spells and wiggling your wands, but more how people approach their ways of life. It grants luck, it curses people, it brightens up people's days. Magic manipulates the world like a puppet show, quietly pulling the strings in the background.
Purple Moorhen by Mochi


Leylines run all throughout this world. They dig their way through the ground as strands of magic. They are never seen by anybody, but they control everything. Ancient civilisations followed where they thought leylines travelled and lead to, creating pathways etching round the world. Funnily enough, these paths form the shape of a duck. These leylines are also used as trade routes, running from town to town, city to city.

Important History

The history surrounding Ava Admira seems to get lost all too easily. As the world progresses faster and faster, relics of the ancient times seem to vanish without a trace. Who knows, in a hundred years, will we be remembered?
Ice Tipped Raven by Mochi


The Galli were a vast empire of hardy chicken people from just a couple hundred years ago. Their presence has not been forgotten yet, and their practices and beliefs still remain in those that live today. They ruled over Farahia and Glacin, but died out after an outbreak of chickenpox.


The Anata were a civilisation of duck people that lived thousands of years ago, in Aera, before it had risen from the ground. The chasm below has revealed a plethora of artifacts and ancient structures that tell a story of who these people were and what they got up to.

Who lives in this massive world?


Free hugs for everyone!
The sphenisci live in Glacin, the coldest region of the world. They are penguin people, best resembling emperor penguins, but slightly bigger and much more intelligent. Living in such cold areas, you'll often find them in close proximity to one another. They love queuing, too. Awfully close to each other.


Standing tall and proud
The tallest people in the world, grui are cranes. Grui are most comfortable in muggy, tropical climates, most around Ignus Mons and the wetlands of Farahia. They are quite stubborn and unwilling to change their opinions, which doesn't bode well when they decide they don't like your favourite brand of trail mix.


You'll never catch one with a feather out of place
The psittaci are really proud of their looks. Most are blessed with bright colours, which they find particularly attractive. Psittaci can be found across the world, with different ancestries popping up in all continents aside from Glacin. They are closely related to the kakapo, having more arboreal lifestyles than their cousins.


Small but fierce
Passeri get picked on for their tiny stature. These miniscule sparrow people barely stand more than six centimetres in height, but that is made up for by their sheer strength and determination. Passeri build sprawling cities in the canopies of forests, with some of the most intricate and breathtaking infrastructure.


So, so horny
The kakapo are a lovely group of people, but when their mating season starts... leave. Or else you'll find them crawling over you. Most don't really mingle with other species though, and prefer solitary lives around the quieter corners of Silvara. They rarely fly and have the longest lifespans of anyone in the world.


Forever gobsmacked
Podargi get laughed at by everyone thanks to their giant googly eyes and massive mouths. As funny as they look, if you upset one, they'll try and fit you inside their giant gobs to shut you up. Podargi originated in Aera but now live across the world, particularly in Silvara and Farahia as well.


Author's Notes

Shoutout to Polina "Line" Arteev, Rumengol, Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull, Amanda McRoberts, Ninodonlord, Catoblepon, and RiverFang for following this world back when it was Terra Ava <3

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