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Special thanks to Dazzlinkat and my cousin M for their contributions and ideas towards Flamin'ion,
you've made my ideas madder and all the better, as always.

I should have taken the opportunity to name this after myself, but I couldn't resist a good pun!
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Crafted by Bonnie Appetit with the aid of the great wizard Herb Marzipan, Flamin'ion was created to help stave off hunger for far-traveling adventurers.
Origin: Simmeroon
Creator: Bonnie Appetit, Herb Marzipan
Domain: Bounty
Material Components: Live meat, charcoal dust

I Love A Juicy Flamin'ion


The First Uses of Flamin'ion

While testing this spell, Bonnie Appetit and Herb Marzipan went through quiet a few chickens ands leeklings. Although questionable in ethics, it led to many lives being saved by the ability to create filling meals from a single source. The first meals were stringy and hardly edible, but over time Culinarians have helped develop the spell to craft heartier meals. Some are capable of creating Marzipan Star quality recipes but they are few and far between.


Concentration 1 Minute
1 Action
90 ft (20 ft )
DEX Save
V, S, M *

  Tiny, floating, flaming charcoal sprites appear around an enemy within range. For the duration, these sprites inflict 2d4 fire damage on the target.   When the targeted enemy starts its turn, they must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take an additional 1d4 fire damage. They must then make a Strength or Dexterity check (its choice) against your spell save DC. On a success, it frees itself.   If the targeted enemy dies while under this spell, the caster rolls 1d4 and gains magical food according to the Flamin'ion table.
GMs and players are encouraged to get creative with their magical food. 'Amateur' food can be instant ramen while a full 5-star dish can be 'prepared' if a 'Professional' quality is rolled. While chicken wings come from chickens, what comes from the ogre your party just defeated? Feel free to use recipes found in the player handbook articles or make up your own! Culinaria is full of all sorts of fantastical cuisine.


Uncovering Flamin'ion

  Bonnie Appetit hadn't stepped foot in Herbacium in nearly twenty years. Had it really been that long since she'd seen Herb? The meadow around his home had continued to grow untamed for the last two decades, trees and bushes curling across the footpath. Letting herself reminisce on the past, she rolled her way toward the mage's tower. Would he look the same? She was sure she didn't look the way he remembered. Knocking on the old, wooden door, a faint chime twinkled up the tower.
  "Herb, honey! I'm hoooome!" Bonnie cupped her lips and shouted up at an open window. A puff of dust and a handful of papers slipped from the window, drifting down to meet the grubforged. She caught a small slip from the air, turning it over to inspect the odd mix of symbols and chicken scratch. Frantic footsteps skittered down the steps behind the door before it hesitantly cracked open.
  "B-Bonnie? What are you doing here? What have I done? I listened, I've stopped sending you letters, I-"
  "I need your help, Herb. I'm sorry to drop in on you like this but I think I've figured it out! The only thing I need is your brain to piece it all together." Bonnie pushed the door open, shouldering her way into the tower. Now in full light, Bonnie could look upon her old friend. Humans never aged as gracefully as grubforged. Herb's once-luxurious, flowing, chestnut hair had faded to a shimmering silver, his trimmed goatee now a long, scruffy beard curling around his slimming, hunched frame.
  "I am not the mage I once was, Miss Appetit. Please, we said our goodbyes, I have moved on. This is not the type of intrusion I look forward to at my age. I wish to be left alone, so if you don't mind-"
  "It could aid in ridding our world of hunger, Herb. This has nothing to do with us but with Culinaria as a whole. We could make a real difference here." Bonnie gently grasped the man's hand, turning it over to trace the deepened lines of his palm. "What mark do you leave on this world? One of personal gain or true change? Are we leaving it better, Herb?"
  Staring down at the metallic fingers wrapped around his hand, Herb found himself speechless for the first time in decades. What had he contributed to the advancement of his people? What was his legacy? A tattered tower in an abandoned, overgrown meadow?
  "How long will it take to develop?" Herb lifted his eyes to meet Bonnie's, the years of exhaustion starting to catch up to his gaze. A soft, sad smile broke across Bonnie's face as she looked down upon her old friend. She quickly pulled him in for a tight hug, wrapping her creaking joints around him.
  "The sooner we begin, the sooner we find the solution. Thank you, Herb. Let's build a legacy."

Images created by Emily Armstrong using Wombo.Art.


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Grandmaster EBelt
Jacqueline Yang
31 Dec, 2022 22:18

Oh my gosh, I loved this article! I thought it was so interesting, and I love the pun. And I liked that you included a little story for how it was discovered.

Sage EmilyArmstrong
Emily Armstrong
31 Dec, 2022 22:54

Thank you!!! Culinarypunk is *filled* with puns, I absolutely love them and have been having *way* too much fun with the food puns ahahahah. More to come from Bonnie Appetit and Herb Marzipan!

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