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150 Shades of Buffet

I want your tastebuds to begin and end with me.
— "Ma" Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

Written by Bonnie Appetit while traveling across Culinaria, 150 Shades of Buffet is a collection of stories, recipes, and travel logs gathered by Ma and her friends.

Creation of 150 Shades


Why 150 Shades of Buffet Was Created

  While traveling around Culinaria collecting recipes for her mobile food business, Bonnie Appetit began to write down every recipe alongside stories and notes surrounding the recipe. It slowly expanded to be more about the stories and people she was meeting with recipes sprinkled in with the experiences.   Part cookbook, part social commentary, part introduction to the people and places of Culinaria, 150 Shades of Buffet was a way to break down barriers between kingdoms. Although some kingdoms refused to speak to one another, they still read Appetit's book and made each other's recipes. It helped open up communication and understand between populations who lacked a basic look into other's lives. 150 Shades of Buffet has been directly credited for putting a pause of the Frenzies of the Sugarcanaan Isles.  

The History

  When Bonnie Appetit was a young woman, she set out on a journey to collect as much flavor as she was able. She recreated recipes in her own style and began to make a name for herself in the major Culinarian cities. Customers missed the grubforged in her absense and requested ways to make their own versions of her meals. Eventually, Bonnie gave in and started selling her recipes on postcards.   Over time, Bonnie found people were equally interested in the stories around her recipes. She started writing about the people and places she visited while collecting recipes and flavors. Culinarians clambored to get their hands on new Bonnie Appetit releases, hoarding postcards like gold until the first whispers of 150 Shades of Buffet started making their rounds.   The first 50 pages of the book were sent out prior to publication for review and beta reading. Despite the hesitation regarding some of the content, the public greatly enjoyed the preview and begged for the full release. Within the year, Bonnie had finished her first edition and distributed it across Culinaria.   Since her first release, she's added four editions with new material, stories, and recipes. There are rumors of a fifth edition coming in the next few years but Bonnie has gone into retirement recently so fans are unsure what will happen to the future of 150 Shades of Buffet.   This section contains content of a PG-13 level, please skip if you are not interested. If you are, hover over the block of butter.  
Due to the nature of 150 Shades of Buffet, Bonnie did not hold back detailing all of her adventures across Culinaria. This included the relationships she was involved in, sometimes in great detail. One such escapade included a young Prince of an unnamed kingdom prior to and during his engagement with the now-Queen. It it unknown if the Queen ever became aware of her husband's infidelity but rumors claim the Queen was the one who ordered her husband to "get that extra energy out somehow, my Gods."
Above is a fully safe for work preview of 150 Shades of Buffet.
Medium: Paper
Author: Bonnie Appetit
Current Edition: 4th

Public Reaction

  When 150 Shades of Buffet was first released, it raised a bit of a scandal. Housepartners were caught reading the book under the covers and young people were stealing copies from local bookstores. Eventually, the juicy details became wellknown and the book settled into an important, yet steamy, cookbook and historical document.   At one point, an evangelical group attempted to get 150 Shades of Buffet banned across the continent. This caused an uproar in home cooks and professional chefs alike, calling on their governments for aid in this undue censorship. Eventually, the group ceded and simply denounced the book as "un-Muffin Manly" and banned it among thier congregations.


  150 Shades of Buffet has become a No. 1 Best Seller among Culinarian cookbooks and autobiographies. Many recipes listed within had never been written down before and would have died out with their creators if the book hadn't been published.


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