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Countless years ago in the distant past, four elder gods planted a seed on a lifeless world that would eventually become Vreathe. From this seed, Meliheal the world tree grew. Through the ages they shepherded the tree and the life that sprang forth across the planet and protected Vreathe from many threats, then humans of the golden race appeared, spreading across the world. This angered Tazil, who wanted to destroy them.

Most of Vreathe's history is dominated by his efforts to rid the world of humans, until he was imprisoned in the lesser moon Nodan by the other elder gods: Alom, Yanneth, and Nora. There were still many on Vreathe loyal to Tazil, so in the darkness he waited.

In the current state of Vreathe, in the late 2900's of the Iron Age, there are many human and elven nations in an uneasy state of peace. But something started to happen that destabilized it all. The moon Nodan started to get closer to Vreathe. This caused the Iruakint, worshippers of Tazil, to go on a world conquering war to find the last of the gold race, to offer Tazil as a gift when he breaks free from his prison.

The remaining dragons sense his return is coming and are also preparing. Even the corpses of the long dead dragon lords are spreading their corruption at an increased rate, sensing their creator's power. This corruption changes living things and causes humans and elves to lose themselves. There is currently no way to stop the spread.

Elsewhere in the world, the human nations started to fall apart. The Kingdom of Yurria fell under the control of the Vampires. Irrelith's last emperor died and had no heirs, splintering the empire. The Alluthian nations lost the avatar of their goddess. Galleska, Pellensk, Seriland and others are at war with the Iruakint and risk being conquered any day now.

Cassel is the longest lasting human nation, having been around since the start of the Iron Age. Its rulers the Vernadors are directly descended from Saint Nora, and they have used her power to keep the nation stable. But even this nation is quickly destabilizing. Around twenty years ago, the nation was split into three smaller kingdoms with the goal of preventing further destabilization.

It worked for around a decade, until the northern king was assassinated and the western queen disappeared. The southern king took control over most of the land, but various lords took this as their chance to grab more power, and the elven vassal states started to move to full independence. The nation still stands for now, but it isn't long before chaos takes it like the rest of Vreathe...