Kingdoms of Cassel

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"One of the Seven Faithful Nations under the light of the Tower of Heaven in the shade of Meliheal, defenders of the wellspring, scions of Saint Nora, followers of Sillnos. Also explorers of far away dark lands, discoverers of exotic foods, and inventors of chocolate cookies! This place is the best!
- Xana

Cassel is a large nation composed of three smaller kingdoms in Eastern Vreathe. It was founded over 2700 years ago in the ruins of the Bronze Age city of Rekalo. The city was renamed Wrethilin and from there, Cassel grew into a world power.

Currently the nation is going through a crisis that started eight years ago. King Brenon of the North was assassinated. Queen Larielle of the West gave up her lands to King Eldon Vernador XXI of the South then left, making Eldon the only monarch in the land. The nation is difficult to manage due to corruption in the government and the various nobles controlling the lands.
Alternate Names:
Irieba (Golden Age)
Wrethas (Silver Age)
Karras (Bronze Age)

Year Founded:
330 I.A.

Current Ruler:
King Eldon Vernador XXI


28 million Humans
1,500,000 Elves
1,000,000 other

749,850 km2
South (322,058)
North (286,682)
West (141,110)



Kingdoms of Cassel
Author's Note: Map currently has two layers (Geographic and Political). Map is a Work in progress. Geography section is a work in progress.

As a general rule, barring the many magical influences that affect Cassel, the northern parts of the nation tend to be wet and cold, while the southern parts of the nation are much drier and warmer. Cassel has many mountains ranges. Some are massive spires that affect the climate of the lands around them, others are smooth rolling hills. Some parts of the land can be quite rugged while other parts are smooth and flat. The interior of the country has an extremely dry desert area that never recieves rainfall. Then there are areas of Ledo and Marsan where it seems to never stop raining. Below are six locations from across the kingdom with vastly different features.
"Outside the Olimian wastes, few lands were affected by the Silver Age as much as Cassel was. Between the corpses of two dragon lords, the remains of two gods, and the many silver age construction's impossible to know what part of the land is natural and what part was shaped by silver."
- Salika

Aelurus Islands

Paradoxically one of the coldest locations in Cassel. Just to the southwest on the other side of the Altus Mountains is the warmest location on Vreathe, a vast desert known as the Olimian Wastes. The reason for the extreme cold weather is a large glacier several hundred miles to the east. This glacier, called Nivema's Sorrow, is a forever frozen section of the ocean, where it is said the goddess Nivema still keeps herself frozen. During especially cold winters, ice flows form in the Argent Channel between the Aelurus Islands and Ledon, making travel difficult to impossible.

Volcanic areas

There is a part of Cassel that is very volcanically active, starting at the Red Towers, going through the Xiral Islands and Boiling Islands, ending in the northern lands of Dorias and Azure. This chain of volcanoes was said to have formed when the Dragon Lord, Xiralgus the Nova, was killed in the Silver Age. Its body crashed into the sea, activating a tectonic rift with the leftover fire magic. Numerous eruptions here have occasionally covered North Cassel in layers of ash.

Another volcanic area of Cassel is in the Southeast in Ledon, though eruptions here are unheard of. The Dragon Scale Hills and the Califons Hills are both known to host numerous hot springs.

Sands of Nessa

There are four desert areas in Cassel, the Sands of Nessa, Dry Valley, Niverden Valley, and Peraldin. The Sands of Nessa especially is an extremely dry location, surrounded on all sides by mountains and in a location where storms can only approach from one direction. The river there only exists due to melting ice from those mountains. Most years it doesn't rain at all. When it does rain, it is because a mighty storm roars into the bay of lions, funneling water directly into the Sands of Nessa, temporarily turning it into the Sea of Nessa.

Sea of Wrethas

The Sea of Wrethas is a large freshwater sea in the center of South Cassel. it used to be much larger, covering the entirety of the Ethilon Floodplains and the Plains of Aquarius. This water was held back by the Dams of Karrask, a giant Silver Age structure, in the eastern part of the land. Early in the Iron Age, Vernador I opened the gates of the dam, draining most of the sea to open it up for farming. When the country is threatened with invasion, the dams can be resealed allowing water to accumulate in the valley. The lands are also prone to flooding for several weeks to a month each spring. Because of this nearly all cities in the area are built on hills, and some towns are made entirely of boats that can float until the floodwaters recede.

Corruption of Maeos

A second area of Cassel affected by the corpse of a Dragon Lord, Maeos the Incorporeal. When Maeos crashed into the ground, it created a large crater and invisible crystals spread everywhere. From these crystals, large amounts of mana and primordial aether spread across the lands, affecting the life, changing it into forms that are sometimes beautiful, but usually incomprehensible and horrifying. The animals here have special powers that make them dangerus to hunt and eat, and plants that grow out of the ground are the same. There are always stubborn humans and elves that try to live in the area, but they too change with time, until they are no longer recognizeable as human or fey.

Lyonne and Ledo Elfwoods

In the Elven Kingdoms, there are locations known as elfwoods. These forests are ancient almost beyond the understanding of Iron age humans. There are trees here that sprouted before there was even a sun during the Golden Age, trees that are direct descendants and minor images of Meliheal, the World Tree. While many of the trees are recognizable, many are extinct everywhere else but in these forests. The Elfwoods across Vreathe also contain the last known Sky Trees, a species of tree that are able to grow as tall as a mountain, stretching over a thousand meters in the air.

Major Cities

Mesa City of Wrethilin

The original capital of the entire nation of Cassel. Wrethilin was built on top of Bronze Age ruins, which itself was built on top of Silver Age ruins. This city is the center of Casselian culture. One of the larger buildings in the city is the Palace of Kings. In the main hall of this palace, the walls will echo the voice of the true king of Cassel as well as the heirs to the throne.

The Silver Age sky fortress Aquarius sits in the mesa underneath the city, forever pouring water into the plains below. There was a sword forged by the Centaurs, the Aciam Fulgriff. This sword was said to be able to activate the Fortress and defend the city in times of invasion, but that sword has been lost for over two thousand years.

Fortress City of Lornar

Earlier in the Iron Age, Cassel was at War with the many kingdoms of the Mage Isles, especially the nation of Faeon. Cassel was geographically quite well protected from the North, from the Volatic Sea, to the boiling isles of Xiralgus, to the Glacier of Nivema's Sorrow, but still, invasions were frequent, especially in the west of the country. Lornar was originally built as a great fortress to defend from invasions.

Later in the Iron Age, Lornar turned into a place of great craftsmen and artists, and most of the fortress was taken apart to build the rest of the city leaving only a few of the orignal buildings. Because of this, the castle in Lornar is rather small and plain compared to the grand palaces in Wrethilin and Tesiadem. When Brenon was made king, the people were afraid that he would dismantle the city to rebuild the fortress, but Brenon decided the small castle was all he and his family would need.

Shining City of Tesiadem

The marble walls of this city seem to glow under the moonlight. While smaller than the other two major cities in Cassel, Tesiadem is easily the richest. The city is the first stop for ships from Irellith and Milcea, two of the wealthiest nations on Vreathe.

The City is the headquarters for several major guilds on Vreathe. The Explorer's Guild and Cartographer's Guild use the city as the starting point for their many expeditions into the Olimian Wastes to the south.

Tesiadem is also the location of several magic schools. Aspiring mages from all over Cassel come here to be trained and recieve their magic certification. While it is dimished compared to earlier ages, magic is still important on Vreathe and mages are needed to be healers and exorcists, increase farming yields, and become warriors on the battlefield.


Author's Note:: I am working on a chronicle page to better display the history of Cassel. It will be similar to this one I recently made for the Silver Age, with multiple maps, images, etc. Until then, I have a small selection of historical events written here.

Founding (300 I.A.)

It is said that the city of Wrethilin was founded by a wanderer named Vernador. He was said to be a son of Saint Nora, the Elder Goddess given human form. Vernador wasn't content in the civilized lands of Milcea and Irellith and desired to explore the frozen wilds of the world. With the blessing of his mother, he left, and wandered. Vernador wandered for many years until he desired to settle down and call a a place home again. This was when he found an abandoned castle peaking out of the waters of the Karras, the bronze name of the inland sea of Cassel.

It is said that Vernador settled that island with his family and a group of followers. The exact details for how he became Cassel's first King is unclear. One legend states that years before Vernador settled the island, human villages on the edges of the sea were being attacked by serpents. They went to Vernador for help. He responded to these attacks by removing his armor and diving in the water with nothing but a spear. He surfaced three days later dragging a thousand serpent skulls out of the water behind him. The people were so thankful for his actions that they wanted him to be the king of the Karras.

A few decades after the founding of Wrethilin, the Kingdom established diplomatic relations with two Elven nations in the area. Ledo in the northeast, and Lyonne in the northwest. The human kingdoms in the area refused to recognize Vernador's kingdom. One Kingdom, the Dragon worshippers of Dorias, attempted to destroy the city of Wrethilin in the year 348 I.A., but an alliance of humans and elves stopped them. Vernador then led an army into Dorias, killing the "Dragon God", and forced the king of Dorias there to pledge loyalty to him. It was about this time that Cassel was called a variant of its current name.

The City of Wrethilin used to be flooded, with only the top part of the Bronze Age structure sticking out of the water. In the centuries that followed, the sea was drained, opening the Karras up more farmland for the growing population. Wrethilin turned out to not be on a small hill but on a large mesa.

In the last thousand years the most of the old bronze age structure was built over and the city now looks nothing like it did almost three thousand years ago.

Discovery of Xinopta (2592 I.A.)

The dark lands rarely play a part in the tales of Vreathe, but whenever it does, it is always worth noting. There was an explorer from Irellith named Karos Kole that spent decades researching old notes from earlier civilizations. He was convinced of a secret path to the east that would lead to the dark lands to new riches. After much consideration, Queen Issia Vernador approved of the expedition.

Karos took three ships and set sail to the east. When he returned, he brought back a tale of a powerful civilization that so terrified Queen Issia that she placed a ban on sailing east. Karos did bring back several gifts, given to him by the elven emperor of Xinopta, Itzcoatl. These included various gems, as well as seeds for plants that don't exist on Vreathe, including peppers, cocao, vanilla, and various fruits. The elves of Ledo cultivated these seeds and a number of foods not known on Vreathe started spreading from Cassel.

Splitting of Cassel (2966 I.A.)

On King Vernador XX's sixtieth year as King, he without warning made a decree that Cassel be split into three smaller kingdoms. He then gave each to one of his children. King Eldon Vernador XXI took South Cassel with the Mesa city of Wrethilin as the capital. King Brenon took North Cassel with the Fortress city of Lornar as the capital. Queen Larielle took West Cassel with the shining city of Tesiadem as the capital.

This caused quite a bit of strife at first. Brenon was in a long stable marriage with the love of his life, Saria. The issue was that Saria was an elf, and Brenon's children were half elves. By divine law they had the silver trace, marking them as beings unable to rule a human kingdom. Brenon had to end his marriage with Saria and take on a new wife. Saria went on to become leader of the Elves in Cassel, and Brenon married a woman named Marya to have a new heir. He then figured that if his father thought he was worthy to be king, he should have the entire country instead of just part of it.

King Eldon was furious that his birthright was divided with his siblings and regularly sent threats to his brother. A year later, this escalated into a short 3 day war that no one fought in. The two main generals never showed up to battle. The kings were by their wives' side when their heirs to the throne were born. Vyerin was born in the north and Aerynn was born in the south. Days later, Larielle forced her brothers to sign a treaty to end the war and ensure Cassel's stability as Three Kingdoms like their father wanted. In 2967 I.A. the treaty of Three Kingdoms was signed.
Cassel Kingdoms.png

The Three Kingdoms of Cassel after the treaty of 2967, with borders divided mainly along mountain ranges. South Cassel is roughly ten percent larger than North Cassel, and West Cassel is half the size. Due to resource locations, each kingdom is roughly as rich as the other. Also pictured in cyan and green are the two Elven Kingdoms of Cassel. While technically Vassal States, they have always ruled themselves independently of influence from the humans.

The Murder of King Brenon (2977 I.A.)

On August 17th, 2977, King Brenon and Queen Marya were assassinated, and Vyerin disappeared. What is known is that the King shot a flare in the sky bearing his symbol, but when the city guard got to the scene, the King and Queen were found filled with arrows with a bloodtrail leading to the river. A search was conducted for the King's son, but he wasn't found.

During the funeral, King Eldon made the decree that he was taking over his brother's lands in the North until, Vyerin could be found. That same day, Queen Larielle of the West gave her lands to Eldon then disappeared herself.

That was eight years ago. The mystery surrounding the King's death is still on the minds of many in Cassel. Whatever caused it, Cassel once again has a single king ruling over the entire nation after just eleven years.

Invasion of the Iruakint (2984 I.A., Ongoing)

It started around ten years ago, when the Elven kingdom of Iruakint, the Iron Kingdom, started their conquest of the world. They conquered Pellensk, chased the Gallesken king into the Mountains of Cil, made the Seven Elven Nations of Teross bend their knees. Their conquest is to rid the world of every last human with the golden trace. So far, they have found no one with Golden ancestry.

They reached the borders of North Cassel last year, conquering most of it except the Valley of Kings. the legions then moved into South Cassel slowly moving around the shores with a plan to attack the city of Wrethilin from all sides.

In March of 2985 Vyerin appeared in Cassel for the first time in eight years. Among his companions was someone who could have possibly been the last living member of the golden race of humans. Vyerin's plan was to leave the country as quick as possible, but circumstances led him into the city of Wrethilin, in an audience with his uncle, the King...

Important People in Cassel

King Eldon Vernador XXI

The King of South Cassel. Originally he was supposed to inherit Cassel as a single kingdom until his father, Vernador XX, Split it into three smaller kingdoms without giving a reason. Eldon was always openly bitter that his birthright was divided with his siblings. Because of this, he was blamed for his brother's death and his sister's disappearance.

While he rules all three kingdoms, he has refused to recombine them into one. His official statements are that he is waiting for an heir of the north and west to present themselves, and he will happily give them their lands back. Most people think he is doing this to quell any chances of a rebellion and has no intention of ever letting go of his power.

Once a brash, outspoken individual, Eldon has been much more reserved and stoic in recent years.

Queen Larielle

After King Brenon was assassinated, Queen Larielle gave her lands to her brother King Eldon, then left West Cassel. Popular opinion is that it was to avoid a civil war, or maybe the death of King Brenon spooked Larielle and she didn't want to be assassinated herself. Larielle is currently in the town of Farossa on the eastern coasts of South Cassel. She runs a tavern there that is known for its hot springs.

Every few years, rebels from the west track her down, wanting her to start a war with South Cassel. Larielle offers them a room at the INN, but always sends the rebels back to West Cassel in disappointment.

Renelle Vernador

After being disowned by her father, King Brenon, for her half-elven heritage, Ren hired an expedition into The Olimian wastes to retrieve a Dragon's egg. That expedition ended in disaster. Ren then disappeared for over a year before she somehow turned up in Galleska as an almost completely different person.

She returned to Cassel and joined the military. She quickly rose through the ranks and became known as the Dragon Scion. After her father was assassinated, she left the military, and started raising an army for the eventual war against the South.
Renelle Portrait.png

Arden Vernador

After being disowned by his father, King Brenon, for his half-elven heritage, Arden went to the nation of Galleska and changed his name for a short time to Isaac. He joined the Order of the Abyss and after a year of training, he became a Knight of the order. He gained possession of an indestructible set of armor and used that to his advantage in battle.

Arden returned to Cassel and joined the military, rising through the ranks. He is known as the Mageless Scion. After his father was assassinated, he left the military and started to raise an army with his sister for the eventual war against the south.
Arden Portrait.png

House Ferretor

There are many noble houses in Cassel, but none have been more of a thorn in the side of the Vernadors than one of their own branch family, the Ferretors. House Ferretor split from the Vernadors around 600 years ago and for centuries since have attempted to the gain power over the whole country.

They control of the County of Entakon, with influence in several others. They have started numerous conflicts with other counties within the borders of Cassel for the smallest gains in land. The King always chooses the side of whoever the Ferretors are at war with, but the Ferretors have still managed to gain a lot of power in the last few centuries.

Their latest power play is attempting to get Princess Aerynn to marry one of two brothers of House Ferretor, who are so alike in appearance and manner, Aerynn doesn't even bother to remember their names.
Other Important People::
King Brenon: deceased King of North Cassel. King Brenon was a general of Cassel before being proclaimed King of the North.

Queen Marya: deceased Queen of North Cassel. Originally a princess from Irellith.

Saria Ieryka: An elf from Ledo and Brenon's first wife. Was recently elected Queen of the Elves in the South Cassel enclave of Ledo.

Aerynn Vernador: Only living child of King Eldon. Aerynn hasn't run away from her responsibilities and looks forward to being monarch someday, unlike a certain cousin of hers (Vyerin).

Queen Sandreka: King Eldon's Wife. Originally a noblewoman from Galleska.

Xana: An ageless fairy, lives in the forests of Gwerra when she isn't screwing with humans, which she does...a lot.

Captain Oros: Originally from Irellith, Oros has served the Kingdom of Cassel for decades.

Sergeant Rolsin: One of the guard of Farossa tasked with watching over Larielle.

Sergeant Eledin: Another of the guard of Farossa, tasked with watching over Larielle.

Captain Telsar: Captain of the guard in North Cassel. Was supposed to be guarding King Brenon on the night of his murder...

Nobility: There are numerous lords and ladys of Cassel that rule over numerous estates across the nation. Many are are corrupt to the core. Some fancy themselves as kings over their own lands, and have been the cause of much of the nation's issues for years, especially House Ferretor.

Vyerin Vernador

Vyerin was just ten years old on the night of the murders of his parents, King Brenon and Queen Marya. While the rest of the nation assumed he also died, Vyerin actually ran away, hiding on a ship to another nation, trying to get as far away as possible. Vyerin sees himself as responsible for the deaths of his parenets, part of the reason he doesn't want to be king and stays as far away from his family as possible.

The thing is, he is the only eligible heir of the North because his siblings, Arden, Ren, and Belle, are all half elves and have the silver trace. All Vyerin has to do is reveal himself, show the people that he is in possession of the Aquarian Ring, or speak in the Hall of Kings in Wrethilin where only the true monarch's voice will echo. But he refuses.

Vyerin changed his name to Sayd, a wandering hero often mention in old Casselian tales. At some point he learned magic from the Fairy Xana. Sometimes he uses this magic to change his appearance entirely. In this form, She calls herself Saya, changing her mannerisms entirely and pretending that Vyerin as a person doesn't exist. While Vyerin is content running from the past, it's going to catch up pretty soon.
"I am so very much alive, but what does that matter? You want me to go take my place on the throne? Maybe, raise an army and overthrow my uncle? Heh...why? There's nothing to take revenge for! My parents died because, uhm...well, that's not important! I never wanted to be king anyways, so don't count on it!"
- Vyerin "Saya" Vernador


Author's Notes

  • Except for the maps (made by me using GIMP and Wonderdraft), all artwork was made by me using Midjourney. I also used eyes generated in Artbreeder in some of the portraits because Midjourney is really bad at that.

  • I need to touch on the language in the future once I figure out what the heck I'm doing with that aspect. right now the map labels and names range from completely made up, to sounding half-assed latin/spanish/french/italian, to just being lifted from places already in Europe. I'm working on it.
  • The only name not subject to change is Cassel itself. Like places in Europe that carry that name, Cassel is ultimately derived from Latin Castellum, which means Castle or Fortress. Kind of appropriate as Cassel was founded on the ruined castle/fortress of two previous civilizations.

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  • Debating on how far to get into politics in the country. I don't want people crying in confusion because I decided to have over a thousand named characters for little reason other than the sake of realism and complication. I don't want to do the opposite either. I want the country to feel sufficiently complex that it doesn't feel like only the royal family exists with one or two other characters and every other person is a nameless face that doesn't matter. I'll figure it out eventually...
  • For an early idea of culture, Think of North Cassel being French/Celtic, South Cassel being Spanish/Moorish, and West Cassel being Italian. There's more to it than that, but that's the rough idea for now...
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