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The audacity of those Fry Snatchers! They've cooked up a recipe for trouble, leaving us bitter.
But rest assured, we'll whip up a plan to catch them red-handed and make them eat their words!
— Basil Sprouts, Frustrated Townsperson
Masters of pick-pocketing and stealthy maneuvers, Fry Snatchers employ their culinary prowess to pilfer delectable treats and ingredients. They have a knack for snatching fries, onion rings, and other deep-fried delicacies right under the noses of unsuspecting diners.

Syndicate Members

Fry Snatchers are part of an underground guild, The Griddle Syndicate, operating in the shadows. They share secret codes like Crusttongue, signals, and rendezvous points known only to those within the guild. This clandestine network enables them to collaborate on heists, exchange valuable information, and navigate the complex culinary underworld.
In addition to their pick-pocketing skills, Fry Snatchers excel at gathering valuable information. They infiltrate exclusive kitchens, eavesdrop on secret recipes, and steal coveted cooking techniques. Their knowledge of culinary secrets makes them both dangerous adversaries and sought-after allies.  
The life of a Fry Snatcher is not without risks. They face danger from law enforcement, rival thieves, and disgruntled clients. A momentary lapse in attention or a poorly executed maneuver can lead to capture, injury, or worse. Additionally, the illicit nature of their work means they must always be wary of betrayal or double-crosses from their own associates.
Fry Snatchers enjoy a flexible lifestyle, able to blend into any crowd and operate in various environments. Successful Fry Snatchers can accumulate substantial wealth, as their skills are in high demand for heists, retrieval missions, and clandestine operations.

Service Menu

Fry Snatchers employ a range of tools in their craft, including specialized lockpicks, concealed pouches, and tools for sleight of hand. They often wear flexible attire that allows for quick and silent movement.
Provided Services
Fry Snatchers are skilled in the art of pickpocketing, burglary, and stealthy theft. Some Fry Snatchers offer their services as consultants, assisting others in securing their own possessions against theft.
Possible Skills
Sizzling Shuffle
Once per encounter, you can move double movement speed without using up your action.
Seasoned Swipe
When attempting to pickpocket an item, you add an additional d6 to any stealth-related checks.
Crispy Flip
Prerequisite: Seasoned Swipe.
Once per rest, you can seamlessly slip a stolen item back into the target's possession. The victim remains unaware of the theft, believing the item was never missing in the first place.
Legend has it that the greatest Fry Snatcher in history once managed to swipe an entire king's ransom in golden fryer oil without anyone noticing. The heist earned them the nickname 'The Grease Ghost' and solidified their place in rogue folklore.
Trade Secrets and Training
Fry Snatchers are always honing their craft and seeking new techniques to enhance their skills. They travel to remote corners of the continent to learn from renowned mentors or secretive guilds that specialize in their art. These journeys provide opportunities to acquire new knowledge, master advanced techniques, and uncover hidden secrets of the trade.  
The Crispy Cauldron serves as a sanctuary for aspiring Fry Snatchers. Operating under the motto, "Secrets Sizzle, Skills Fry," it provides a unique blend of instruction, camaraderie, and crispy expertise.

Around Culinaria

As adventurous individuals driven by the thrill of the chase, Fry Snatchers often find themselves traversing across the continent of Culinaria. Their expertise makes them highly sought after for various endeavors that require their unique skills.  
Heist Assignments
Whether it's retrieving a precious artifact from a well-guarded vault in a distant city or liberating a culinary masterpiece from an extravagant banquet, Fry Snatchers are often called upon to undertake audacious thefts in far-flung locations.
Investigative Pursuits
Fry Snatchers possess keen observational skills and may be employed to track down elusive individuals, gather evidence, or uncover hidden information related to culinary mysteries, political conspiracies, or criminal organizations.

Notable Fry Snatchers

Pepper Pickpocket
A true master of misdirection and sleight of hand, Pepper Pickpocket has perfected the art of diverting attention and making off with valuable treasures unnoticed. Their quick reflexes and exceptional finger dexterity allow them to snatch objects with lightning speed, leaving their targets none the wiser. Pepper Pickpocket's audacious heists and clever escape plans have made them a household name among both the criminal underworld and those fascinated by tales of culinary intrigue.
Crispy Shadow
Known for their impeccable stealth and enigmatic persona, Crispy Shadow is a legendary Fry Snatcher whose exploits have become the stuff of legend. With a reputation for executing flawless heists under the cover of darkness, this master thief has earned their name by seamlessly blending into the shadows. Crispy Shadow's nimble fingers and ability to disappear like a wisp of smoke have made them the subject of awe and intrigue among their fellow Fry Snatchers.
Olive Overtaker
With a combination of charm, charisma, and unrivaled wit, Olive Overtaker has carved out a reputation as a daring Fry Snatcher with a taste for the extraordinary. Olive Overtaker's notable heists often involve elaborate schemes and high-profile targets, leaving behind a trail of mystique and intrigue. Their ability to turn the tables on adversaries and orchestrate meticulously planned heists has solidified their status as one of the most celebrated Fry Snatchers of their time.


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Grandmaster TheDumbOwl
Alex (TheDumbOwl)
13 Jul, 2023 05:40

This world speaks to me. Spiritually. This is absolutely delightful and I love it! And I'm now convinced my Mum has secretly lived a double life as a Fry Snatcher..

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
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13 Jul, 2023 19:56

Hahahah I'm glad you're enjoying Culinarypunk! We all know a secret fry snatcher xD Thank you for reading!

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13 Jul, 2023 15:02

Crispy Shadow is my favourite.

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13 Jul, 2023 19:57

Crispy Shadow needs their own comic book ahahahah

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13 Jul, 2023 22:29

I want to be a Fry Snatcher! I knew there was a reason I liked the Griddle Syndicate so much.

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
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I'm so torn! Being a Fry Snatcher would be so fun, but I still think I'd be better suited as a Tea Witch xD

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21 Jul, 2023 17:46

Seems like a ton of fun! Food plus heists - everything a hungry rogue needs to be happy. This article also reminds me of Lift from the Stormlight Archive (who, if you don't know her, is a character that goes around xD)

May your worldbuilding hammer always fall true! Also, check out the world of the Skydwellers for lots of aerial adventures.
Sage EmilyArmstrong
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2 Aug, 2023 22:18

Hahahah Lift would definitely be a fry snatcher!!

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