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Those little Bunlings may look innocent, but don't be fooled! They've got a mischievous streak a mile wide. I once found my hat perched on top of a tree after they pulled a fast one on me.
— Farmer Jefifryah, Burger Plains

Meet the Bunlings, mischievous bread-like creatures that roam the Burger Plains. With their agile antics and playful nature, they bring laughter and surprises to Culinaria, leaving everyone guessing what prank they'll pull next.

Mischievous Buns

Bunlings are pint-sized beings, usually measuring around 6-8 inches tall. Resembling miniature buns with tiny legs, they sport a golden-brown hue with just a hint of crusty texture. One of their most remarkable traits is their extraordinary ability to blend into the Burger Plains' environment. When resting, they perfectly mimic the appearance of smooth stones, allowing them to evade detection by unsuspecting passersby. This camouflaging technique helps them stay hidden while they plan their next prank.  
Offering gifts to the Bunlings can be a thoughtful way to build trust and rapport with these mischievous creatures. While they may still retain their playful and trickster nature, the right offerings can encourage them to be more cooperative and less mischievous during interactions. Bunlings have a particular affinity for sweets and desserts. Offer them an assortment of delicious pastries, cakes, or candies as a delightful treat. They're also attracted to shiny objects. Gifting them with small, sparkling trinkets like colorful gemstones or polished crystals could intrigue and amuse them.
-Sir Salahad

Living Environment

Bunlings are skilled at finding hidden nooks and crannies to call home. From snug burrows among wheat fields to cozy corners within bakeries and kitchens, these mischievous creatures make their abodes in spaces that afford both safety and easy access to culinary delights. Bunlings thrive in the company of their kin, and they are often spotted in groups, engaging in spirited play and mischief. They are drawn to communal spaces where they can share their playful energy, engaging in friendly competitions and entertaining each other with clever tricks.

Bunlogical Information

Bunlings undergo several stages of growth in their lifecycles. They hatch from small, bread-like eggs buried in the warm sands of the Burger Plains. Once hatched, they resemble miniature buns with tiny legs and are already agile pranksters. As they age, their bodies gradually harden, providing more durability to endure their playful escapades. Bunlings reach full maturity within a year and can live nearly a decade, during which they continue to refine their mischief-making skills.  
Biological Cycles
Bunlings are most active during the warmer months, flourishing amidst the bountiful harvests and culinary festivities. In colder seasons, they exhibit a slight hibernation-like behavior, seeking shelter in cozy nooks or burrows to conserve energy. Their natural camouflage helps them avoid detection during this period.
Parasitic Species: Pickleback Beetles
The Pickleback Beetles are fascinating yet peculiar creatures that have developed a unique parasitic relationship with the mischievous Bunlings. These beetles have a distinct ability: they can metabolize the Bunlings' crusty bread-like exterior and break it down into a nutritious sludge.   When the Pickleback Beetles latch onto the Bunlings, they secrete a special enzyme that softens the outer layer of the Bunlings' bodies, allowing them to feed on it slowly. While this may seem harmful to the Bunlings, it's actually a mutually beneficial arrangement. The beetles derive sustenance from the Bunlings' crust, while the Bunlings, in turn, absorb some of the nutrients and minerals produced by the Pickleback Beetles as they digest the bread-like material.
General Location: Burger Plains
Size: 6 to 8 inches tall
Lifespan: 5 to 8 years
Diet: Omnivorous; they primarily feed on seeds, fruits, and small insects
Bunlings are notorious pranksters, known for their clever and playful nature. They often gather in small groups, conspiring to surprise and startle anyone who crosses their path. Rolling themselves into hard-to-reach places, such as behind rocks or under bushes, they wait for the perfect moment to pop out and catch passersby off-guard. Their mischief brings laughter and delight to many in the Burger Plains, but some may find themselves caught unawares by their antics.  
The Sneaky Startle: A group of Bunlings hides near a well-traveled path, camouflaged as stones. As unsuspecting travelers pass by, the Bunlings suddenly pop out, eliciting surprised yelps and laughter.   The Great Bunling Chase: Bunlings love to play tag with each other. They dart around in a game of chase, weaving through the grassy plains, and occasionally enticing curious passersby to join in on the fun.   The Bunling Swap: In bustling marketplaces, Bunlings sneakily switch small items like spices or trinkets from one vendor's stall to another, leaving the vendors puzzled and amused.   The Hidden Treasure: Bunlings have a penchant for collecting shiny objects like pebbles or baubles. They hide these treasures in small burrows and watch with glee as curious individuals search for the hidden loot.

History of Bunlings

Gather 'round, folks, and let me regale you with the enchanting tale of the Bunlings, those mischievous bread-like critters born from the culinary sorcery of Madame Pâte in the heart of the Burger Plains. Legend has it that Madame Pâte, a master of culinary magic, concocted the Bunlings using the finest ingredients and a pinch of whimsy. These little buns sprung to life, dashing across the plains, their legs like nimble toothpicks and their spirits as lively as freshly baked loaves.   Word of the Bunlings' exploits quickly spread beyond the Burger Plains and tales of their antics traveled far and wide. Soon, they became a symbol of mirth and camaraderie across all of Culinaria, their reputation as playful pranksters endearing them to all who heard their stories.   Throughout history, the Bunlings have continued to weave their magic, leaving a trail of laughter and cheer wherever they roam. From baking competitions to harvest festivals, they appear, adding their special flavor of delight to every occasion. Their presence has become a cherished tradition and those who encounter a Bunling are blessed with good fortune and a heart full of joy.
-Charbroil Patty, leader of the Fizzriders

Myths and Legends


The Bunling's Golden CrustIt is said that the Bunlings possess a magical golden crust bestowed upon them by a benevolent heat spirit. The golden hue is thought to represent the warmth and abundance of the Burger Plains, a reminder that even in the harshest of times, there is always nourishment and laughter to be found.

The Bunling's LaughterThere exists a belief that the Bunlings' laughter has the power to heal and uplift spirits. When a gloomy cloud of sadness hovers over the land, the Bunlings take it upon themselves to roam the plains, leaving behind bursts of infectious laughter. It is said that their mirthful echoes can chase away sorrow, leaving behind smiles on the faces of all who hear them.

The Bunling's GiftA weary traveler once found themselves lost in the vastness of the Burger Plains. Struggling to find their way home, the traveler was guided by a playful group of Bunlings, who led them back to safety. As a token of gratitude, the traveler offered the Bunlings a simple loaf of bread. To their amazement, the Bunlings transformed the bread into a divine masterpiece, imbued with flavors beyond imagination. Since that day, it is believed that sharing food with the Bunlings will bestow good fortune and blessings upon the giver.


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