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Summer Camp 2023 Prep & Pledge

Summer Camp Goals

  • Fill out Judge of Mystics
  • Celebrate the Release of Char & Ash
  • Enjoy Balance
  • Share Worldbuilding excitement with others
Camp Feral Badge by Strixxline
Dewy Diamonds Badge by Strixxline

Copper: Power

The key powers surrounding the Mystic Truce & Midgard, who enter into the The Judge of Mystics Saga with upcoming release Char & Ash. Time to dive into the power structure.
The Judge of Mystics. Child of Wrath. Child of Woe.

Laid on the altar of the Axis Mundi as a newborn, Caleb became the Peace Child, who stopped centuries of war. As he grew, he became Peacekeep and Judge. The voice of the Truce. Part of no Realm but beholden to them all.

War. God of Masculinity. God-Exile.

The self-exiled Olympian of War & adopted Aesir, Ares has been in Midgard longer than most. Many view him as the closest to Midgard’s King of the Gods.

Lethal Keeper of the Book of Knowledge.

"When I found the book left stagnant in the old man's basement, I had no idea of the Mystic Realms or the Truce. I knew nothing but the fairy stories of youth. There was no God, for we killed him, moved past the societal requirement for a guiding hand. There were no gods. I would not believe in one... Imagine then, finding the Book of Knowledge. The repository of all wisdom, all information. And it was full of deities clinging for scraps. Fetid relics of collective weakness."

by Sapha Burnell
High Queen Selyka
Queen of the Fae. Nature’s Mother

Born into the Mystic War, Selyka chose to follow the Truce, and weaves a stranglehold over rebellious Fae & Changelings who would break it. Peace is worth the cost.

The Fate Weaver.

Makosh is one of the first emanations of the Creatrix, along with Finnegan & Aphrodite. The Slavic Goddess is the weaver of fate & a ferocious protector.

Silver: Frontier

The Axis Mundi, centre of the Cosmos, is a gigantic tree, whose limbs connect with the frontier points of the universe. All upon which mortals breathe hangs upon that mighty tree, the father of Fae, the Green Man.
"The frequent pain in my neck. You know why I avoided you for so long?"
— Caleb Mauthisen
Perish the thought! You were, then! I knew you were avoiding me, all the knowledge of the universe at your fingertips and you gave me away. Preposterous! How could our one Judge set himself on the fringes of knowledge, the frontier of ignorance without me!?
"You never shut the frick up! Try speaking like one of the modern humans you squeak by, or I know, wait. Wait five minutes without piping up about the history of buttons or the Realms on the thinnest of Yggdrasil's branches! We know! We know the Silurians have excellent cholesterol, Book! They write with their foreclaws and make silicone chips even Icarus Areides would gawk at. I know! We know! How's about you stop being perpetually superior and show me Bardaga!? Eh!? That's a place none of us but freaking Lou Areides has been!
— Caleb Mauthisen

Gold: Relics

If I might be so bold, the most integral and Realms-shattering relic in the entire cosmos is... wait for it... me. I am rather spectacular for a living book.
"Oh, here we go. Book? Why are you waxing poetic about yourself?"
— Caleb Mauthisen
The question of relics was brought up, Judge Mauthisen. I do believe I may actually be quite relevant.
"Don't forget the others. There's amazing relics out there. Freya's necklace, Ares' Skofnung, Leonidas' shield, oh hey! The Eden Blade! That thing is lit! Literally, it's on fire. Ishikoridome's mirror, you know, the Yata-no-Kagami... the regal one is in Japan, but she made a few lesser mirrors and I got to borrow one for this insurrection in..."
— Caleb Mauthisen
I see how it is. You have the Book of Knowledge in your pocket at all times, but a borrowed mirror is the one you remember by name. And... and how insensitive to bring up the flaming sword to an entity which used to have flammable pages.
"You're indestructible. Same as Mjolnir, same as Shiva's Trishula. I didn't think you got bothered... heh wait, didn't you used to be cuneiform tablets? Those are clay!"
— Caleb Mauthisen
... about those other Realm relics...
"Heheh... go ooon..."
— Caleb Mauthisen

Diamond: Communication

My favourite line of communication is the Fae penchant for training Songbirds. How delicate and lovely to have lofts of finely grown trees with roosting spots for diminutive and colourful birds, who sing dainty messages in twi-
Ravens cawing, eagles blaring. The owls.
— Caleb Mauthisen
Judge Mauthisen Sir, give me this.
Oh, sure, Huginn & Muninn go cawing into the Fae Queen's Court while Horus' favourite falcon does aerial charades, it's so... melodic. Don't go on a busy news day, your ears will ring for a week.
— Caleb Mauthisen
The average songbird is far less gauche. The use of songbirds for communiques was begat by the Fae, and many of the Realms who tip their collective hats in Midgard picked it up.
And then Athene Olympia kept improving Hellene communication, until Icarus Areides figured out inter-Realm comms. See this? My phone? Kopis Industries special.
— Caleb Mauthisen
... I still like the songbirds over Daedalus.AI.
That's because you don't have arms to clean up the mess.
— Caleb Mauthisen
Mess? Oh, you biologicals are strange creatures. Well then, what about Gna and the Friggatongue.
Book Cover of a shadow in front of smoke
Char & Ash
The Book of Knowledge is gone. Someone is trying to kill gods.

The charred bodies of Mystic Folk are found intertwined on a beach in Dover. Secured by Ares’ Kopis Industries, Judge and executioner Caleb Mauthisen is brought in to find the perpetrator before they can perfect the failed ritual to kill gods.

Caleb was born for woe. Child of a traitor-god, and left on the Altar of the Axis Mundi as an infant, Caleb became the Judge of Mystics, both peace child and executor of the Mystic Truce. Peace Treaty and Ceasefire, the Truce relies on Caleb’s interconnected state as outcast to keep the myriad Mystic Realms in line. But, Caleb isn’t satisfied.

He whispers quandaries of freedom and new life with his cursed Mystic War-Veteran lover Tuija, while they search for the murderer and the one link to the past, which could free them both forever.

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9 Jun, 2023 13:50

WOO CAMP FERAL!! Good luck on your quest for the shiny diamond badge :D what are your favourite article templates to write for?

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Sapha Burnell
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Hei! Thanks! I'm looking forward to Summer Camp in a huge way! I think my favourite article templates are Myth/Legend, Character & Tradition. What about you?

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I think lately my favourites have been Species, Geography, and Condition :D Let's hope we get a good mix of our favourites when the prompts are revealed - not long to wait now!

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