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Judge of Mystics Mythpunk with a punch to the heart.

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In the 163 years since the The Mystic War, Judge Caleb Mauthisen keeps a tenuous peace between Midgard and the The Mystic Truce.

Bathed in global mythology as an homage to magic realism, the Judge of Mystics Saga travels the Realms with Caleb to keep the mystic worlds from combusting. The Perpetual Outsider, he negotiates between Fae Folk, Aesir, O-Kami, Olympians, Thelosians, Kehmeti, Bardagi, Brahmani & Yataban to keep the peace, without humanity's realm of Midgard becoming collateral damage.

The home of Wax Wing, an audio drama of quirky characters, high stakes and meteoric dodgeball.

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