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Potatoads and potatoes, a match made in culinary splendor. They share a bond that goes beyond the surface and sits root-deep.
— Bonnie "Ma" Appetit, Culinarian Explorer
Potatoads are amphibious creatures native to the Burger Plains. They resemble potatoes with frog-like characteristics and possess a blend of dusty camouflage that allows them to thrive among the potato fields. With rounded bodies and a lumpy texture, their skin ranges from russet brown to golden yellow mimicking several varieties of potatoes. They have webbed feet and strong hind legs, granting them exceptional jumping abilities, if only they weren't so incredibly lazy.  
The potatoads, those peculiar little creatures of the Burger Plains, are truly remarkable in their adaptation and symbiotic connection to the potato fields. It's as if the potato plants have found a playful companion in the tuberous beings, coexisting harmoniously in a dance of nourishment and disguise. These fellows are the true potato aficionados, perfectly blending in. Sneaky little spuds!  
-Sir Salahad

Living Environment

Potatoads are well adapted to both land and water, spending their time waddling around potato plants and burrowing into the ground. Their burrows serve as shelters and help them stay moist in arid conditions. Potatoads are primarily nocturnal creatures, emerging from their burrows during the cooler hours of the evening. Their croaking sounds, reminiscent of sizzling fries, fill the air during mating season.

Biological Cycles

Like many amphibians, Potatoads undergo a biological cycle that includes egg laying, hatching, and metamorphosis. They lay their eggs in moist areas near bodies of water, such as streams or marshes. The eggs develop into potatoadpoles, which eventually mature into potatoads.
These little spuds have been hopping around these parts for as long as burgers have been grilled. Legend has it that they emerged from the very soil they now call home, an enchanting manifestation of the potato fields themselves.   In the early days, the Potatoads were mere tuberous creatures, content to burrow and blend in with the potato plants. But as the burger-loving folk of Culinaria discovered the wonders of potatoes, these crafty critters were discovered. They observed the humans' fervent passion for potato-based dishes and kept their distance, remaining in the quietest parts of the plains.   Today, the Potatoads continue to thrive, hopping alongside farmers and chefs alike, sharing in the joy of potatoes. Keep an eye out for these hopping spuds on your Burger Plains journey, and remember to appreciate the unique flavor they bring to our beloved land."
-Charbroil Patty, leader of the Fizzriders
Bartholomew the Potatoad
Origin Location: Burger Plains
Size: 6 to 8 inches tall
Lifespan: 10 to 12 years
Diet: Omnivorous; they primarily feed on fallen fruits and small insects.
Myths and Legends
Potatoads are believed to be the guardians of potato fields, watching over the crops and ensuring a bountiful harvest. They also ward off any misfortune that may befall those living nearby. Farmers often leave small offerings near the fields as a token of appreciation.
It's said that hidden treasures are buried beneath many of the potato fields guarded by potatoads. These creatures have a keen sense for locating buried riches and have been known to guide worthy individuals to their discovery.
The Potatoad Sanctuary is located within Fizztopia and helps injured or ill creatures get back on their feet. If an adventurer finds a potatoad in need, they can bring it to the sanctuary and it will receive care at no charge.

Bunlings Vs. Potatoads

When traveling through the Burger Plains, it's helpful to know the difference between a Bunling and a Potatoad.
Both tend to hide underfoot and neither do well with being stepped on.
Found in the sand.
Mischievous biters.
Melodic chirping.

Bunlings are known for their playful and curious nature, often seen hopping and bounding around with high energy. They are soft to the touch and will bounce up to greet those nearby if they haven't become the bunling's target.
Found in the dirt.
Little sweeties.
Crackling croaks.

Potatoads are generally more sedentary creatures, spending a significant amount of time motionless or slowly meandering around potato plants. They tend to avoid human interaction and are considered rather elusive.


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