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If you're hungry for a unique and unforgettable experience, the Battle of the Brans is the place to be. Here, musicians and chefs unite to create an unparalleled celebration of taste and sound that will ignite your senses and leave you humming for weeks.
— 'Ma' Bonnie Appetit, Culinarian Explorer

As the sun dips below the horizon, the barren landscape of the Burger Plains transforms into a vibrant oasis of sound and color, drawing in musicians and music enthusiasts from all corners of Culinaria.

A Gathering of Musical Mavericks

The festival's origins can be found in the legendary tale of a wandering bard named Sarsaparilla Bran, whose musical talent and love for food ignited a spark that would eventually blaze into a grand celebration.   In the early days, Sarsaparilla Bran wandered from town to town, strumming his trusty banjo and captivating audiences with his heartfelt melodies and clever lyrics. He had a penchant for crafting songs that celebrated the beauty of nature and the joy of food among people from all walks of life.   As Sarsaparilla Bran's fame spread throughout the plains, other aspiring musicians, bards, and performers were inspired by his spirit of camaraderie and creativity. One fateful evening, during a warm summer night under a starlit sky, an impromptu jam session erupted when several musicians gathered around a crackling campfire. This was the moment that sparked the idea for a friendly competition of musical prowess.   Over the years, the event evolved and grew, attracting more artists, musicians, and performers from far and wide. As the festival flourished, it became an annual tradition that brought together the Burger Plains' diverse communities, fostering a sense of unity and celebration that transcended cultural boundaries.

Stages Alight with Melodies

Multiple stages dot the Burger Plains, each adorned with flickering lights and extravagant decorations that mesmerize the audience. The Main Stage stands tall as an imposing tent structure where headlining acts and finalists in the Battle of the Brans unleash their captivating performances. The smaller satellite stages, scattered throughout the event grounds, showcase an array of musical genres and performances that cater to diverse tastes.  
The Jamboree
A stage dedicated to jam sessions and improvisation, where artists can "spread" their musical creativity and blend together in harmonious flavors.
The Chili Pepper Grove
An electrifying stage featuring energetic and fiery performances that will make the audience heat up and dance the night away.
The Pickle Barrel Pavilion
A quirky and intimate stage where emerging artists meld their musical styles, creating a unique and tangy experience for the crowd.
The Rhythm Rouxvue
A stage that brings together a blend of music and culinary arts, creating a rouxnique experience that tickles both the taste buds and the eardrums.
Location: Burger Plains
Duration: 3 days
Frequency: Annual, First Weekend of Sizzle Season
Art Vehicles and Mobile Marvels
As the Battle of the Brans unfolds, it's not just about the music and stages; it's also a feast for the eyes with an array of fantastical art vehicles that roll through the festival grounds. These are not your ordinary vehicles; they are massive, food-inspired masterpieces on wheels, designed to take creativity to a whole new level.  
Pie-nosaur: A dinosaur-shaped wagon decorated like a gigantic pie complete with pie crust edges and fruit-filled toppings.   Bun Voyage: A wagon that resembles a giant hamburger on wheels, complete with sesame seed wheels and lettuce and cheese upholstery.   The Choco-Chariot: A vehicle designed to resemble an extravagant chocolate dessert with rich brown exterior, cascading chocolate fountain, and intricate chocolate drizzle details.

More Activities

Art Installations
Throughout the Battle of the Brans festival grounds, awe-inspiring art installations create a surreal and magical ambiance. Towering sculptures of colossal donuts, floating cotton candy clouds, and mesmerizing kaleidoscopic fruit mosaics captivate the imagination. These art pieces embody the creativity and innovative spirit of Culinaria's artistic community, inviting festival-goers to immerse themselves in the beauty of food-inspired art.
Jam Sessions
The Battle of the Brans encourages spontaneous and thrilling collaborations between musicians. Jam sessions pop up across the festival grounds, where bands merge their unique sounds and styles to create never-before-heard performances. From impromptu fusion bands mixing genres like "Bluegrass and Blue Cheese" to "Jazzberry Jam" ensembles, these jam sessions epitomize the spirit of unity and creativity that the festival fosters.

The Great Gastronomic Groove-Off

The Judges
The Great Gastronomic Groove-Off boasts an esteemed panel of culinary connoisseurs, musical virtuosos, and celebrated figures from various realms of Culinaria.  
Captain Carnivore: A meat-loving chef who wields his spatula like a conductor's baton. Captain Carnivore's hearty dishes and meaty melodies always hit the right note with the audience.   Jazzberry Jamsmith: A master of jazz-inspired dishes and soulful tunes. Maestra Jazzberrt's performances are a smooth blend of improvisation and precision, leaving the crowd craving for more.   Basil Sizzlepatty: Known for his zesty creations and spicy beats, Chef Sizzlepatty brings a fusion of flavors and funky rhythms to the judging panel. His culinary compositions are always in perfect harmony.   Olive Beetmaster: With her exceptional taste and soulful melodies, Olive Beetmaster adds a vibrant and earthy touch to the judging panel. Her expertise in both music and food creates a symphony of sensory delights.
The Competition
On the final night of the Battle of the Brans is the Great Gastronomic Groove-Off. This extraordinary showdown features bands that have crafted their performances around a central culinary theme, blending their musical talents with the gastronomic wonders of Culinaria. The bands create a multi-sensory experience, using instruments made from kitchen utensils and incorporating the sizzle of cooking into their beats.   During the Great Gastronomic Groove-Off, each band takes the main stage, adorned with culinary-themed art installations and adorned with shimmering lights. They present a riveting performance that encompasses everything from rock and roll ballads to whimsical folk songs, all in harmony with the culinary theme they've chosen.   The judges closely evaluate the bands, taking into account the musical composition, stage presence, culinary creativity, and the seamless integration of food-inspired elements into the performance. At the culmination of the Great Gastronomic Groove-Off, the victorious band is crowned as the ultimate champions of the Battle of the Brans, earning eternal glory, fame, and the prestigious "Golden Spatula" award.  
Cleansing of the Culinary Spirit
After the Great Gastronomic Groove-Off, as the moon rises over the Burger Plains, the main tent becomes the center of an extraordinary ritual known as the Cleansing of the Culinary Spirit. In a mesmerizing display, the tent is drenched in shimmering hot oil, turning it into a towering inferno of light and heat. The roaring flames symbolize the culmination of the festival's energy and creative spirit.   As the fire engulfs the tent, the musicians, organizers, and attendees join together in a harmonious chant, expressing gratitude for the shared experience and the power of culinary art to unite them. After the blaze has settled, the festival-goers don aprons and wield brooms, coming together to clean and return the grounds to their natural state. This act of restoration symbolizes the cyclical nature of creativity and the festival's commitment to leaving no mark on the natural land. As the sun rises on the final morning, the Burger Plains are once again a pristine canvas, awaiting the next year's Battle of the Brans to ignite its culinary spirit once more.


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5 Jul, 2023 20:55

Ahoy Emily!   [ Just to let you know, I toggled reader view on this one. Your article still looks good on Firefox reader view :) ]   Got to love events and traditions that stem from impromptu jam sessions :) I love how the festival came to be, and how it has clearly grown. I also don't know how you do it Emily, but I love how you name things, 'Chilli Pepper Grove', 'Pickle Barrel Pavillion'... 'BUN VOYAGE' <3 Its so savvy and in keeping with your lore. You always have a knack for keeping things consistently in theme, which is part of the charm of your world, I think.   The details on how the festival closes is so vivid and relatable, as many cultures have a fire burning ceremony at the end of their festival, it gives a lovely sense of realism.   Layout wise, it might be worth considering making the text for the comments section a bit larger.   Awesome article, the content stands out well.

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Sage EmilyArmstrong
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Ahoy!!   Thank you for this fabulous feedback <3 I'm sooo glad you enjoyed the article! This one was a joy to write and coming up with the pun names had me giggling all night xD I just love playing with words and finding a fun mix that feels good to read and say out loud :D   The entire area of the Burger Plains takes inspiration from the Wild West genre combined with the low-population/near-abandoned desert towns in California like Slab City, so it felt right to do some sort of nod to ceremonies and festivals like Burning Man (the original purpose of Burning Man, perhaps not what it's become xD). I've always loved the idea of people enjoying nature and one another's time, sharing skills and space, and leaving without damaging the place they partied or even leaving it better than when they arrived. Fire burning ceremonies mean so much to so many, and the closing of the Battle of the Brans is a major celebration and renewal for the people of the Burger Plains.   Oo thank you for the heads up about the comments section, it's always felt a bit neglected xD Did some quick shining up and popped the font size up a few notches, should be much easier to work with now!

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God, Durian Durian got me. XD   This is such a fun article. It almost makes me want to go to the festival. Almost.

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xDD Those band names had me cackling as I made them, I had so many alternatives that neaaaarly made it, like the Grateful Bread, but others took priority bwahahahah.

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I know that a lot of people think that Durian Durian stink, but I've loved them since I was a kid in the 80's! I still remember seeing them when they were on tour with meNU Order, The Cured, Depeche Mold, and newcomers Death Crab for Cutie. They came through and played a festival at our local MacNuggies Sports Stadium, Bar, and Grille. The show was grated cheese, for everyone! <3 U!

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bwahahahahaha I love this so much xD

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I read through this thinking I would just like it and be done, since I feel like I keep commenting on your articles as I'm sorting through my notifications.   But it was too good of an article!! All the pun names were just the spices on top of this massive feast of musical contests and worldbuilding. I loved everything, from the history of the competition to the big traditions today and the little paragraphs on judges, stages, and food-based art.   I haven't really read through your past summercamps, but I think it's safe to day that you're outdoing yourself this year. Just be sure not to burn yourself out :)

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Aww thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed :D This article was so much fun to work on hahahahah I was a bit worried I'd go overboard with the puns but happy to hear people are enjoying them xD   I did participate to a copper level last year, but this year I'm going for diamond! Definitely won't be burning myself out, I went hard the first week of camp to grab copper and now I'm taking a bit more time to relax and write :D The gold round has so many awesome prompts, I can't wait to start writing about the Burgermeister hahah xD

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Burgermeister?? Sounds like you have a bunch of awesome worldbuilding planned! Looking forward to it :)

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Where can I get my tickets for next years Battle? This festival is right in my wheelhouse with the music, the puns, and the food.   Well done! :D

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Haahahahaha thank you! This was so fun to write, it's sooo tempting to hold an unofficial challenge around the Battle of the Brans with some silly song parodies xD

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I have this stuck in my head now from the Twisted Cooks Sisters We're not gonna cook it
No, we ain't gonna cook it
We're not gonna cook it anymore

We've got the right to choose, and
There ain't no way we'll lose it
This is our life, this is our food
We'll fight the powers that be, just
Don't pick on our destiny, 'cause
You don't know us, you don't cook
I shall see myself out now XD

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